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Looking at Malaysia’s Twin Tower

Posted by on 20. June 2009

Petronas Twin Tower at Night Taken from our cab

In my second trip to Singapore in 2006, I decided to tag my friend along and went on a day trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it took us around 6 hours by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.  Years later, I would be able to visit Malaysia again in a Board Meeting in Johour Barough in 2008. Johour Barough is just in the border of Malaysia and Singapore.

Talk About Being in Two Places at One Time – Border of Singapore and Malaysia

Approaching Johour Barouggh, we had the routine immigration check and before we boarded the bus, had to take a photo in the border of Malaysia and Singapore and now I have fulfilled my list of to-dos, be in two places (countries) in one time.  The bus had comfortable reclining chairs similar to the Deluxe Bus, I use to take going home to Baguio.  Even despite the long trip, it didn’t feel dragging as the roads were smooth.  Upon reaching Kuala Lumpur, it felt like being in Quiapo as this stip can get real busy. We were able to board a cab onwards to Petronas Twin Towers.

Petronas Twin Tower at Day

Petronas Twin Tower, which was once the tallest skyscraper and still the tallest twin building in the world, was really majestic and really towered over Kuala Lumpur Skyline at day and at night.  I think its still the best looking among all the current skyscrapers.  We weren’t able to go up further because of the limited time we have.  We then decided to go to Putra Jaya which was a town 25 kilometer south of Kuala Lumpur via Car.

Putra Jaya

Putra Jaya was really scenic as it houses the federal government of Malaysia.  It has several majestic mosques and monuments.  You can also see a nice panoramic view of the Seri Wawasan bridge across the Putrajaya lake.  We didn’t stay long but we were really awed by the structures and view in Putra Jaya and it was really convenient since we’re able to commission a taxi cab to bring us here and back to Kuala Lumpur to catch our bus at night.

.What to do next?
Wondering what I’m thinking here?  Aside from thing of the so many places to visit in Malaysia like Kota Kinabalu.  I was thinking on what steps to make after finishing my graduate studies just days before my Singapore trip in 2006.  Things turned out ok, I guess as I’ve been to a lot more travels after my MBA.

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