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Living the Young Living Lifestyle

Posted by on 5. December 2017

It’s the little things that can shift your day from a bad one to a good one.  It may be a good night sleep, or tapping on an energy source, or it can maintain wellness and a lot more.  Young Living Essential oil ticks of all of these and has helped me manage the gazillion things I have to do with a clearer mind, a healthier body and less stress.

Young Living

I came to know of essential oils early this year and has been a part of my routine since April.  I could have started earlier but I’m equipped with a large amount of professional skepticism I’ve gained from years of my audit work.  Why spend on an amount for oils? It’s not technically a huge investment but it’s a normal process that goes through every spending I make.   Some things in life are priceless… like a goodnight sleep… a strong immune system… a healthy lifestyle and those moments that makes us smile.  With that, I finally joined the growing trend of essential oil users.

The process is simple, get a premium starter kit via Young Living and you’re good to go.  The premium starter kit contains the basic oil blends but it covers a lot of bases.  There’s an oil for everything after all. If we’d go back to the ancient time, people had no medicines but more on oils and plant extract to deal with their common concerns.  There’s a science to it but trying it out is a much better gauge on the essential oils.

It took months to convince me to try it out but it took just a few days of trying it to make me feel that I made the right choice.  The Premium Starter Kit is really effective in helping  a lot of your concerns but once you get the hang of it, you get to try other oils too depending on your need.   You can use it using the diffuser or some can be ingested and some can be used topically. Here are some of the reason how Young Living essential oils have changed my lifestyle.

For A Goodnight Sleep

My Go To Sleep Blend

My Go To Sleep Blend

Gone are the days that I can go on those sleepless nights and still get to brag about having no sleep.  I realized how sleep has always been the great equalizer whether it’s for your mood, for your energy, for weight-loss and for recovery.  There are a lot of sleep blends but I my go-to blend is Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver.  I do get weird dreams at times especially with Vetiver but that just means I get deep and quality sleep.  The usual worry here is not waking up on time but if I need to be up early, the more I’d go for my sleep blends as it will make sure it gives me quality sleep.  2 hours of quality sleep can be worth more than hours of restless sleep.  When I’m up, I’m good to go.

To Perk Up My Day

If Lavender is part of my sleep blend then Peppermint is the one that keeps me energized.  I usually diffuse lemon and peppermint to keep me focused at work.  It’s a feel good blend that keeps me awake and happy.  I also keep peppermint handy on my runs.  I remember when I did Mount Makiling a few months ago, I started real sleepy because of the early travel time.  After smelling the aroma of peppermint, I’m good to go.  It also helps open up the lungs for the long climb.

All Around Roller Blends

I’ve grown to love roller blends because it’s handy.  I don’t need to bring my diffuser and I can carry it anywhere.  Tranquil blend is good for sleep.  Stress away can really help calm you done on nerve-wracking situations at work.  Breathe again helps ease my breathing and lowers my heart rate. Deep relief is for the muscle pains and relaxing the body.  I use breathe again before I sleep to relax my heart and deep relief to relax my body.  You can also blend some oils for restful sleep, nervous system support, better circulation, immune system and a lot more.

For Digestion and Circulation

Digize always comes handy whenever I feel bloated.  It aids in the several stomach issues. I hate that bloated feeling so digize or the blend of digize and peppermint has really help me address those issues the past few months.  I also add a drop of lemon and grapefruit to my water for cleansing, detox and weight loss.  You can also add peppermint into the mix if you want to try a different taste and flavor.  I also got to try Detoxzyme Capsules and it really helps in the cleansing, detoxification and overall support of the body.

For My Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many oils and blends that matches my healthy lifestyle.  Peppermint helps perks me up for a work out and when I need a fresh burst of energy.  Breathe again helps my heart rate stay steady on the long climbs.  Deep relief roller and pan away helps on the muscle pains.  I also use Amino Wise as both my work out and recovery drink, which keeps me up longer on training and helps me recover faster.

For Immune Boost

This really helps a lot especially on when I need a boost in my immune system.  Thieves and Purification are great boosters especially when there’s a virus at home or in the office.  It also complements my training as we get weaker immune system the longer we train or as we peak in our training.  R.C. and Raven can really help in our overall wellness.  I make sure I have them and their equivalent roller with me as what can be more important than health and wellness, right?

For Valor

When it comes to Valor, it’s about balance between our physical and spiritual bodies.  It’s an extra dose of courage in a bottle and I always use it when I have to speak to a crowd or have a major task at hand.  It helps calms and relax me, giving me clarity of thoughts and confidence whenever I speak.  Yes, it works for me.

For Financial Blessings

I usually get a few drops of abundance on my palms to start my day and it works, I’ve managed to attract a lot of financial blessings.  It’s not a substitute of hard work though but a little bit of lady luck on your side is not a bad ally in a tough world.

Young Living Lifestyle

It’s been months of using essential oils and yes, there’s an oil for everything.  It’s a game changer, a mood shifter, an immune booster and a lot more.  Try it yourself and have an oily lifestyle.

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