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Life is Sweeter with Suchero

Posted by on 15. December 2012


Sweet Tooth

Though I’ve been into running and duathlons since 2010, one of the things I haven’t been able to lay off is the sweet taste of sugar.  Which is good since it’s an excellent source of energy and at the same time, unhealthy since it makes keeping my ideal weight a struggle and of course in the long run makes me prone to diseases like diabetes.  So comes the question, what would be an alternative sweetener that can still boost my energy reserve yet not worry about having to deal with the unwanted pounds and being prone to diseases.  Artificial sweeteners claim to have zero calories but apparently also have zero nutrients.  Some fruit based sweeteners may also cause some side effects and chances are, they have a different after taste.  I got the answer to my search in the form of an invite from Titanium Runner for an event called, Christmas with Suchero held at Red Crab Alimango House in Piazza Venice in McKinley.


Suchero Product Info

We were served a full-course meal with each part of the set served with Suchero as a part of the ingredient just to give us an idea of taste of Suchero.  You get to appreciate the rich caramel flavor of Suchero across the meals and surprisingly, no after taste.  This is already a fine distinction from the different natural sweetener available.   Suchero can be an immediate substitute for sugar on a 1:1 basis and you also get a rich source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium. magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium.  This was passionately discussed by Joey Villa, president of Suchero.  Suchero is just perfect for sports-buff like us since while we go faster, longer and tougher challenges, we’ll always need an energy source, which Suchero can  provide.  I actually tried Suchero the day after straight of the packet and in an instant my sluggishness was gone.   More importantly, Suchero is certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recognized as organic globally by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and European Commission (EC).  Another interesting product introduced to us was Optimo which is an instant coffee that uses Suchero as sweetener.  Since I’m already a coffee lover and having Suchero as a safer and healthier sweeter, I was already sold by the concept of Optima Instant Coffee.

Life is Sweeter for Runners Having Fun

Runners Can Be Henyo Too. – Photo by Noel Castle

Of course, what’s a sweet time with Suchero without having fun.  We had a very interactive Pinoy Henyo game handled by the master of trivia Titanium Runner wherein everybody has a prize in store but have to join the Pinoy Henyo game which had three categories like Christmas, Products or Running.  Up for grabs were race kits, shoes and gift pack from the various sponsors.  Titanium Runner made the interaction more educational as he provided trivia on each of the answers for the game.  At the end of the night, everybody does go home on a happy note with their prizes, loot bags of freebies and of course, knowing about an alternative sugar that’s a lot healthier and rich in nutrients.  Now to integrate Suchero in my training and races.

A Christmas with Suchero – Photo be Jeffrey Avellanosa

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