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Posted by on 7. August 2010

I’m in my usual procrastination mode on packing for an early morning trip to Shanghai tomorrow and one of the reason is I know its gonna be several facebook-less days in China plus all the stress and fireworks involved in the board meeting. At least, I get to peak at the World Expo but I think based on recent event I might not be able to squeeze it in. Excitement level has gone down further.

It’s a bit more peaceful this week but looks like the worst is yet to come and as always I’m not looking forward to the board meeting. It always seem not fair that all the work falls on my shoulder and all the blame that goes with it. Imagine, a big part of last week was spent with meeting ISP providers and IT people to remedy our ever so inefficient network and oracle system. I’m still wondering why I’m the one doing this things and being blamed for some delays when I’m in finance. I just hope some people grow their own spine and take some accountability.
I’m glad I was able to spend some time away from work… meeting some friends today… had a ran at the Fort last Tuesday… and a lot of time at sickbay, I’m still hoping my cough will go away before my trip early tomorrow… It’s the second straight board meeting that I’ll be flying in not in my peak of health. It’s becoming a pattern now but I’ll be able to manage my presentations.
Some perspective has shifted again and this time, I’m seeing things in a different light and a bit pessimistic in things I have to do and maybe it makes some sense. I guess there are always risks we have to take, even if we end up winning or losing, just to get the answers we are searching. Well, I’ll be leaving that thought for a while and…
I have to pack my stuff now and maybe… just maybe… catch some sleep…

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