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Kids Conquer the Alaska Ironkids at Subic Bay

Posted by on 10. March 2016

Starting them young.

I really admire the Alaska Ironkids program because it gets kids started in sports at an earlier age.  The kids learn the value of training, discipline, sportsmanship and camaraderie as they get to Swim, Bike and Run their way to a healthier life. 

Alaska Ironkids

Alaska Ironkids is the country’s first ever triathlon event for the youth, which started in 2010.  The program went on to develop future triathletes and gave the kids an opportunity to appreciate and learn the value of determination, hard work, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.  It’s really nice seeing kids outdoor doing sports than just spending all their time indoors watching TV or playing video game.  It was a pleasure watching the kids doing all three disciplines as part of our Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay coverage last March 5, 2016.

Top 3 for the 13 to 14 age category

The first to finish the race were the 13-14 years old boys category with Juan Francisco Baniqued topping the division followed by Joe Bernard Sarmiento and Joshua Alexander Ramos.

Sam and Tara Borlain topping the 13-14 years old Girls Age Group and the 11-12 years old Age Group

The other highlight of the Ironkids event is the Borlain sisters as they all dominated their respective age category.  Sam Borlain topped the 13 to 14 years old Girls Age Group Category. Later in the morning, Tara Borlain also topped the 11-12 Girls Age Group Category.  Completing the sweep is their youngest participant, Chezka topping the 6-8 years old Age Group Category.  What’s impressive with the Borlain Sisters is not only their dominance but how they support and look out for each other during races.

Tara cheering on Chezka as she tops her age group category as well.

Of course, everybody racing the event is a winner as well since they get a good head start in the fitness world.  They get to have fun while learning the value of sportsmanship.

The other Age Group Winners are as follows:

  • 6-8 years old girls – Franchezka Borlain
  • 6-8 years old boys – Connor Hodges
  • 9-10 years old girls – Kira Ellis
  • 9-10 years old boys – Mark Grist
  • 11-12 years old girls – Tara Borlain
  • 11-12 years old boys – Zedrick James Borja
  • 13-14 years old girls – Samantha Borlain
  • 13-14 years old boys – Juan Francisco Baniqued

We became instant fans of the Ironkids

The kids were impressive in the Alaska Ironkids race. Credits to Alaska for always being in the forefront of grassroots development in sports including triathlon.  Who knows, one of the participant here could take home the gold in international triathlon events.  Coach Ani De Leon – Brown was also perfect facilitator of the program as she has the personality that can reach out to kids and influence them further in the sports.  Congratulations to all the participants.

Some Alaska Ironkids photos can be seen at Facebook Page.

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