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Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo Brought Fitter Weekends For the Month of August

Posted by on 9. September 2015

Fitness is not a one way road. There are a lot of ways to be fit and Kick Ass Sports and Fitness gave as a lot of options with different talks, clinics and activities all weekends of August at the Commercenter in Filinvest, Alabang.  Whether you’re the active type who love the outdoors doing sports and recreational activities or you’re among those who love to do indoor fitness routines like yoga and core workouts, Kick Ass got you covered with the collective knowledge of their various speakers and facilitators.  Cheers to a fitter lifestyle courtesy of Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo.

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Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo

Fitness was the focus for the month of August at Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo.

One of the reasons why I write my blogs is to promote the fitness lifestyle.  It’s done wonders for me and it can do wonders for you.  It builds you up in all aspects. It gives you a physical enhancement. It gives you mental toughness. It increases your confidence and self-esteem. It improves your general well being. This is one of the reason why I would like to commend the organizers of Kick Ass Sports and Fitness expo as it transmit the message of fitness to a wider audience that can go from various ages from infancy to senior-hood.  It covers almost anybody from the weekend warriors who love to train, explore and enjoy the outdoors in various sports and fitness activity to those who spend time on the gym taking group classes on various workouts.

Commercenter, the go-to hub for families and communities in the south in Alabang, were busy with fitness activities and classes for the whole weekends for August. Thanks to the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo for offering exciting workouts and talks for the mall goers to check out.  Kickass was founded when Ruby Gan went home inspired from an international marathon. Having no such event in the country that features a vast array of sporting and fitness goods, Kickass’ intention was to provide the same holistic experience from that one particular expo. Working with Que Gavan of, a partnership was created, with the two combining their wits to design an expo that is unique and suited to the local community.

The first weekend was about running and nutrition. There were talks on running for both the new and the seasoned runners – for kids, for beginners, for those who want to try out the trails and those who want to go further and do ultramarathon. Experts also shared the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for everyone to be aware of the proper diet and how to fuel up for race day.

Multisport Philippines had the next weekend teaching participants about running and biking. They had outdoor application drills after the talk, both for running and biking. Participants get to apply was they learned and was treated to post workout snacks and some giveaways.

The last weekend of the expo was the most exciting part. It offered relaxing and heart-pumping exercises like yoga (ashtanga and vinyasa) and high-intensity interval training. Even the benefits of having babies learning how to swim was discussed. PiYo, a combination workout, inspired by Pilates and Yoga, was also first launched in the expo.  JP Alipio also had a session to talk about mountain biking and the Globe Cordillera Challenge. Marge Camacho also gave an inspiring talk to cap off the month-long Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo.

It was a gathering of the best coaches and speakers like Andy Leuterio, Chi Malasarte, Paulo Sotelo, Fia Batua, Hector Yuzon, Jinoe Gavan, Jonel Mendoza, JP Alipio, Mitch Felipe, Ria Mackay, Teeffany Go, Ani de Leon-Brown, and Titus Salazar to share and discuss several interests.

The expo also showcased several fitness and sports brands. Mall goers, as well as participants, had a chance to check out over 20 exhibitors of great mix of brands and services, from apparel, to athletic shoes, to fitness accessories, to hydration options. Participants had a chance to have their feet analyzed to know the perfect shoe and to try out the cool zero impact running equipment.

Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo 2015 was made possible with the partnership with, Multisport and Asics. It is an all in one event where cyclists, runners, triathletes, and even those starting to get a healthy lifestyle, had the opportunity to learn, experience, and buy products and services that surely intensify one’s goal in keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

With the success of the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo, the team is now looking at similar and bigger event to inspire and encourage more people to keep moving!

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