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James Yap and Michelle Gumabao on their Fitness Routine

Posted by on 25. February 2014

Michele Gumabao loves to have an assortment of simple yet effective training tools.

“When you always want to be on top of your game, you’ll have to train hard and train smart.  Training smart also entails having the right equipments to ensure that you’ll always play BIG on game day. Toby’s Sports has all the gear you need.”


You don’t get the monicker Big Game James for nothing.  At 6 foot 3 inches James Yap has been among the most popular basketball players in the country and among the face of the Philippine Basketball Association.  He has a million moves in his repertoire and is clutch on game defining moments.  This has won over the admiration of millions of fans.  Then there’s Michelle Gumabao, who’s established an impressive resume when it comes to Volleyball.  She led DLSU Lady Spikers to 3 consecutive UAAP volleyball championship and has played a big role in the growing popularity of volleyball in the country.  They are champions in their field and have to earn their spot through a lifestyle of fitness regimen.

What keeps them sharp day in and day out? To find out, we asked the two champions what kind of training they go through.

James’ secret is having the engine and the chassis to power him throughout an intense game.

Basketball kasi is an explosive sport. Lagi kaming tumatakbo at tumatalon, so we need to train for that, to be faster and have more stamina than the competition”, says James. To that end, his regimen includes plenty of interval training and plyometrics. Functional strength training ensures that he is able to apply maximum strength when needed, but also to prevent him from getting injured in the highly physical game of basketball.  As the “man with a million moves”, James’ secret is having the engine and the chassis to power him throughout an intense game.

Michelle considers physical fitness as a part of her life.

For Michelle, on the other hand, she favors a balance of cardiovascular work, core training, and muscle toning. “I used to do a lot of that back in the UAAP. Aside from the endless drills and practice games kasi, we had to make sure that our bodies could keep up with the stress day in and day out. But even if I don’t play anymore, I still maintain that same regimen.”, says Michelle. “For me, physical fitness is part of my life. I love working out! Masaya ako kapag nakasingit ako ng workout even if I have a busy schedule. To stay healthy and fit, dapat yun ang goal nating lahat”, she enthuses.

Being brand ambassadors for Toby’s Sports, it was only natural to ask them what training tools and accessories they love to use. Surprisingly, the two like to keep their equipment list simple.

James Yap does his running on a Sole motorized treadmill.

Sa training namin hindi kailangan ng mga fancy gadgets. Yung basic lang pero matibay kasi araw-araw ginagamit.”, explains James. For him, he does his running on a Sole motorized treadmill. To give his knees a break, he’ll occasionally do his cardio workout on a Core spinning bike. When he doesn’t have access to a weight room, James resorts to the handy TRX suspension training system. “Actually, parang masmahirap nga yung TRX kaysa sa old school na weights!”, he laughs.

Michelle Gumabao uses Go Fit kettlebells, the fitness ball, and TRX

Michelle, on the other hand, d “For my core work, I’ll use Go Fit kettlebells, the fitness ball, and TRX”, she says. For cardio, “I try to run outside whenever possible, but if the weather isn’t favorable then I’ll stick to the Core treadmill or spinning bike”, says Michelle. To track her cardio routines Michelle uses a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  “Okay din sa akin yung jump rope kasi once nakuha mo yung rhythm parang ayoko ng tumigil!”, she explains. As for weights, “Hindi ko kailangan ng malaking weight stack kasi hindi naman ako body builder. So I like to use the selectorized dumbbells. Ito yung na-a-adjust yung weight para hindi mo na kailangan ng isang buong set”, says Michelle.

James Yap and Michele Gumabao is equipped with the right tools and mindsets.  They have developed a lifestyle of fitness and health that ensures that come game day, they are at their peak form.  This consistency and motivation is what draws fans to these two Champions of their Game.


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