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Posted by on 6. January 2011

I’m now into the intense part of my running training with increased speed and distance each week. I just hope I have what it takes to get past the next few weeks without getting injured. It does come at an intense period – year end closing. Great!!! I’ve just increased the odds of not surviving but I don’t want to live by excuses so its a go for multi-tasking. Time to step up training and work mode!!! How? I have no idea but lucky for me the future comes one day at a time so I’ll find a way somehow.

I’ve come to accept that my life is one busy mess and I’m done with laid back modes so just bring it. I won’t back down on life’s challenges… Not now… Not this time… and hopefully, Not ever… The best part about being busy is that you get to prioritize. You learn to know what matters and what does not. You get lesser and lesser time to whine or to entertain whiners. And it sure beats just lazing around waiting for life’s blessings to come. Good things come to those who strive in life.

It goes a lot crazier in the days to come. I have to prepare for meetings… Resume my training… Meet Some Friends… Join an International Marathon in Subic… Take midnight flight to Taipei… Meetings… Meetings… Meetings… and Fly back early dawn to Manila and that all happens in a span of 5 days… and that’s just the beginning… It’s gonna be deadline chasing time after that while chasing my sub 60 running goal.

The year has taken off at such an accelerated pace which does contradict how I entered 2011… sound asleep… Oh well, No holding back on life anymore…. It’s a GO GO GO for 2011. Positive things come from positive thoughts so I’d rather spend my energy on things that can make me better. Good times will come, I may not know when but I know it will and I’ll patiently wait for the better days to come. It happened a year ago and fingers crossed, it could happen again… =>

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