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Incoming: Titan Games

Posted by on 22. September 2014


” The Titan Games is the Philippine’s First National Strongman Competition, a multifaceted fitness event that combines physical challenges with a time element. This event is made for every FILIPINO who want to change their lives for the better, through fitness and  health. The Titan Games seek to build TITANS – iron-willed individuals with a strong in mind and body. “


This year, Titans will clash in the concrete jungle. Witness steel, wood, and rubber crash against each other as 6 winning individuals take all in this 2 division challenge. On November 09 2014 at The Camp, Taguig, this whole-day event will feature challenges, mini-challenges, and a spectator-friendly event every person can enjoy.

The Titan Games wants every Filipino to be fitter en route to a Fitter Philippines. Participants and spectators are also expected to have an awesome experience. There will be 2 divisions based on difficulty.  There’s a beginner’s level, Novice division for the everyday person, and a difficult Advanced division for the serious athlete.


The Novice Division (MORTALS)

This is for the EVERY man and the EVERY woman. This is for those who occasionally exercise, the sports enthusiast, the casual (insert sport here). Whether you play hoops with your friends on the weekend, stretch out and find your center every morning, love bicep curls and dancing, or a walk-a-thon junkie posing as a hardcore commuter, this is YOUR event.


The Advance Division (TITANS)

An immovable object. An unstoppable force. Many are strong but only a few can be called TITANS. This division will reveal who are worthy of that title. If you’re part of your country’s elite fighting force, an athlete that has been training since Day 001 on Earth, a gym junkie who does not exercise but trains, or want to challenge your human limitations, then we invite you to clash against other TITANS.


Are You Tough Enough?

CHALLENGES will be FOR TIME,  to finish the required movements  while following the scoring standards in the shortest time possible. There will be 4 main challenges with 5 minute time caps, where all participants can compete. Each challenge has a unique name connoting to the tasks to be accomplished. Only the Top 5 strongest Males and Females in each division will make it to the 5th Challenge, the Clash of the Titans! Winner will be the one with the shortest total time of all 5 challenges!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded to each top male and female competitor in each division. Prizes from GNC, BeyondRaw, Fit Miss, Ensayo Gym Equipment, Gatorade, Quest Bar, Fitaid, Battle Brew, Progenex, Goat Tape, Brofit and WOD Nation are up for grabs! The advanced division male and female champions will be awarded the 2014 Titan Games – Titan, and they will become GNC’s BeyondRaw and Fit Miss next brand ambassadors!

Register now at the following GNC Stores around Metro Manila, or at partner gyms!


Event Details

  • Date and Venue:

    • November 9, 2014, The Camp, Taguig
  • Registration Fees

    • Early Bird Rate: P800 until September 30, 2014
    • Regular Rate: P1,000 from October 1, 2014 onwards
  • Registration:

    • Download Registration Fees here: WOD Nation Site
    • Registration Procedure:

  • Major Sponsors

    • GATORADE – Official Sports Drink
    • GNC – Official Sports Supplement
    • ENSAYO EQUIPMENT – Official Equipment Provider
    • PRIDE – Official Outfitter
  • Minor Sponsors

    • FIT MISS
    • FITAID

  • Media Sponsors

  • Challenges



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