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Incoming: Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo

Posted by on 2. August 2015

Fitness is for everybody!!! Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo gives you different facets and looks at various fitness activities for people of all ages, sizes and fitness level.  Reserve all the weekends of August to Kick Ass and learn something new as different sports and fitness expert converge at the Commercenter for the Expo.


Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo


If there’s one thing I appreciate now is that fitness, health and sports is on an upswing. We get to see new fitness trends and activities emerge and encourage people to take a fitter lifestyle.  Fitness is for everyone!!!  Whether you have the pent up energy of kids that can be channeled to sports or fitness activities. Whether you are a super mom tasked with the daily household chores who can squeeze in some home-based exercises.  Whether you have a sedentary home and office lifestyle who could benefit from an hour or less of quality workout. Whether you are an athletic weekend warrior who can cross train from other strengthening drills. Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo got you covered.  Take advantage of their FREE talks and classes during the weekends of August at Commercenter in Alabang.

Mitch Felipe with Kick Ass Founders Ruby Gan and Queenie Gavan

Kick Ass Fitness and Sports Expo is a brain trust of Ruby Gan after seeing an expo in an international marathon. While we enjoy a lot of marathon events in the country, we don’t have an expo that features a vast array of sporting goods—from apparel, to athletic shoes to hydration options. These events provide a one-stop shop for everything sports and fitness.  The idea just didn’t stop there. After Ruby shared it with Queenie Gavan of Takbo.PH, Kick Ass Sports and Fitness Expo is born.  Beyond offering a well-curated mix of products, Ruby and Queenie will be bringing in the pros to share their knowledge, skills and passion through classes, trials and challenges—and for free!   Commercenter, which has been a go-to hub for families and communities in the south was then selected as the venue of Kick Ass.  Alabang has been an untapped fitness hub with wide, tree-lined and less congested roads that’s perfect for sports and fitness activities.

Watch out for the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo this August!!! Here’s the schedule of Talks and Speakers for the Event.

August 8

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 4 pm : Running for Kids by Coach Titus Salazar
  • 5 pm : Grooming Kids for Future Competitiveness in Sports by Coach Ani De Leon-Brown
  • 6 pm : Pre / Post Workout Nutrition by Fia Batua

August 9

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 4 pm : How to Start Running and Keep Going by Jinoe Gavan
  • 5 pm : Trail Running & Ultra Running by Jonel Mendoza
  • 6 pm : Race Fueling and Hydration by Coach Andy Leuterio

August 15-16

August 22

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 3 pm : Vinsaya Yoga by Chi Malasarte (Evolve)
  • 4 pm : Heart Not Hype by Marge Camacho (2xU)
  • 5 pm : Toning + Cardio Dance Fitness by Nikki Torres
  • 6 pm : CrossFitMNL Bootcamp by Coach Nathan Nono

August 23

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 3 pm : Power Yoga by Anna Manalastas (Certified Calm)
  • 4 pm : HIIT Class by Coach Paolo Sotelo (360 Fitness)
  • 5 pm : Bike Talk 101 by Hector Yuzon (Second Wind)
  • 6 pm : Running Injuries by Dr. Ranny Sarmiento

August 29

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 3 pm : Ashtanga Yoga by Teefanny Go
  • 4 pm : Modern Myths & Modern Developments in Fitness & Weight Control by Mitch Felipe
  • 5 pm : PiYo (Pilates + Yoga) by Mitch Felipe
  • 6 pm : Hardcore Maxx by Fitness First Platinum RCBC

August 30

  • 8 am – 11 am : Expo
  • 4 pm : Mountain Bike and Globe Cordillera Challenge by JP Alipio
  • 5 pm : Aqualogic / Benefits of Swimming for Babies by Ria McKay
  • 6 pm : Goldsprint Cycle Challenge by Goldsprint

It’s never too late or too early to be fit, catch the different talks and sessions at Commercenter in Alabang all Weekends of August.  There are different roads to fitness and I’m sure you’ll find a good one by attending Kick Ass Fitness and Sports Expo.


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