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Incoming: Filinvest Endurance Weekend

Posted by on 14. August 2013

12 hours Endurance Run – Saturday 14, 2013

Can you run 3.2 kilometers? How about doing several laps in 12 hours?  Would you have the endurance to pull it off?

3.2 Kilometer Run loop – How many loops can you finish in 12 hours?

This is what the Filinvest Endurance Weekend is all about.  Test your endurance and do as many laps in 12 hours with the winner having the most number of laps.  It will also be a challenge to be a finisher as you need to have a minimum of 12 loops to qualify as a finisher. WAIT, before you say you can’t do it, here’s a simple formula, one 3.2 kilometer loop per hour x 12 hours = 12 loops.  So you just have to finish one loop every hour to be a finisher.   Of course, if you want to win then you’ll have to do more and given the scenic trails of Filinvest, you’ll definitely do more.  Run as fast or as slow as you want, rest at times and finish at least 12 loops and it’s mission accomplished for you.  This is also a green race so bring your own hydration bottles, food and fluids and just to have more fun, bring your friends for support as well.    There would also be aid stations every 1.5 kilometers in the race.

12 Hour MTB Race – Sunday September 15, 2013

Now about biking the trails at Filinvest and doing as much 3.5 kilometers loop as you can.

3.5K Bike Loop – How many loops can you do in 12 hours?
Be a part of the

  • All-Men Category – Each team will have three (all men) racers (for amateur and novice racers only) – Minimum of 10 laps per member
  • Mixed Category – Each team will have three (men and women) racers (for amateur and novice racers only) – Minimum of 10 laps member
  • Solo – Individual category, MEN ONLY (open for professional, amateur and novice racers) – Minimum of 15 laps

How many 3.5 kilometers loops can you do in 12 hours?  Each loop would be in Filinvest scenic trails and of course, as a safety measure
wearing of  helmet is compulsory.  Also have your bike serviced pre race so it is in race ready condition. Any 26” or 29” bikes with Minimum tire width of 1.75 will be allowed in the race. Tires must be knobby, no slick s or semi-slick tires allowed. So ride that mountain bike and test your endurance as a sole rider or part of a tandem.

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Everything happens at the Filinvest Trails and since this is more on endurance, the trail is centered in the area with not much elevation gains.  Also, so that the run or the bike race won’t be too crowded, there would be one parade lap before entering the trail.  Do you love to run or ride and is always aching for another outdoor adventures? It’s time to test your limits and take the endurance challenge at Filinvest.  All roads leads to the Trail at Filinvest.

Race Details:

Finisher Shirts Finisher Medal
  • Date and Venue:
    • September 14, 2013 (12 hour trail run), Filinvest, Alabang
    • September 15, 2013 (12 hour MTB Race), Filinvest, Alabang
  • Distance:
    • September 14, 2013, Complete as many 3.2K loops in 12 hours, minimum of 12 loops)
    • September 15, 2013, Complete as many 3.5K loops in 12 hours, minimum of 15 loops for solo riders and 10 loops each for tandem riders.
  • Fees:
  • Registration Sites:
  • Prizes

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