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Incoming: Cyburban Wildlife Adventure

Posted by on 19. March 2015


Cyburban Wildlife Adventure  is the first of its kind app based adventure game.  Do a series of task that will challenge you physically, mentally, socially competing against time and against other competitors.  The Cyburban app would guide you and monitor your progress in the adventure game.  You have the whole 22.7 hectares of the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center as your playground on June 28.  This is the ultimate test of team play so start teaming up and do as much task as you can to be the TOP TEAM at Cyburban Wildlife Adventure

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Cyburban Wildlife Adventure

Berghaus Urban Adventure Games last year

We had our first encounter on how an Cyburban Adventure Game is conducted last November with the Berghaus Urban Adventure Games.  We had a list of to dos which included some physical challenges like crossfit and parkour challenges, a test on details with an app based scavenger hunt, mental challenges like puzzles and riddles and some skill and sports challenges.  It was really fun as we raced against the 4 hour time limit to finished as much task as we can at Circuit Makati.  It’s gonna challenge you in all aspects.  Cyburban Wildlife Adventure takes off where the Berghaus Adventure Game left off with more challenges and a lot more scenic backdrop in the 22.7 hectare Ninoy Aquino Park & Wildlife Center as your playground.

Teamplay would be tested at the Cyburban Wildlife Adventure

It’s gonna be a test of team play and strategies would prove critical as you unlock one adventure after another within the 4 hour time limit.  Test your strength and endurance with physical challenges from Crossfit Halcyon. Play memorable childhood games like Shato and Patin. Solve puzzling riddles and go on a wildlife scavenger hunt that will test your patience and resilience. First aid checkpoints from Argonix EMS will test your emergency preparedness aside from providing safety and medical services during the whole event.

Be ready to get physical

It’s anything goes when it comes to challenges.  It can be those physically challenging task that would bring out the fitness freak in you.  It can also be as simple as enjoying and reminiscing a childfood game of shato as you hit the stick as far away as you can and shout shato as long as you can.  It can be like searching each tiny spot of the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center for bar coded clues in a scavenger hunt.    It can be mind-bending puzzles and riddles or it can be a fear factor type challenge. As I said, it’s anything goes.

Fear Factor Challenges can also be a part of the adventure

So Join the first of its kind app-based adventure race.  Spend your Saturday, June 28, 2015 at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center for 4 hours worth of competitive challenges that will take your team around the 22.7-hectare park.  And, by joining this Wildlife Adventure, you are helping Greenpeace’s campaigns to protect our wildlife and save our environment.

Adventure Details

Date and Venue

  • June 28, 2015, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife


  • 4 hour Competitive Challenge
    • Team of 2-3 participants (P600 per participants)
    • Inclusive of Wildlife Adventure singlet & badge, waterproof mobile pouch, first issue event magazine, lifelong memories to tell your grandchildren.
    • Reminders:
      • Bring your own water bottle to support zero-waste practices.
      • Aside from a minimum of one Android or iOS phone, no other special equipment are needed for the challenges. Y
      • You are encouraged to wear protective gear for your own safety.


  • Online via Cyburban
  • Please input Referral Code of CWA1001 or Franc or Franc Ramon or
  • Payment is made through bank deposit at either BPI, BDO or Metrobank branches.
  • Bank Details will be sent after registration confirmation.


  • Venue-wide Scavenger Hunt
  • Wildlife Trivia Challenges
  • Physical Challenges from Crossfit Halcyon
  • Educational and Mental Challenges from Cyburban
  • Riddles and Puzzles from Cyburban
  • Social and Playful Challenges from our partners
  • Food Challenges for the brave
  • and a lot lot more!


  • This event will take place in the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center at the Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City on May 2, 2015 from 7AM to 2PM.
    • Each team is a group of 2-3 players.
    • Teams will be divided into waves.
    • Game Orientation starts at 7:30AM sharp.
    • Game starts at 8AM sharp.
    • Physical & non-Digital Checkpoints will end at 1PM.
    • Game officially ends at 2PM.
    • You may opt to complete Digital Challenges until 4PM.
    • There are Water Stations, Charging Stations, and Medical Stations around the venue.
    • This is not a race or a run. No need to be extremely competitive.
    • This is an adventure game. Have fun and enjoy!
    • There will be special prizes for secret categories.
    • There will be prizes that can be found on some checkpoints.

Race Updates

  • Website: Cyburban

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