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Incoming: Corregidor International Half Marathon

Posted by on 12. October 2012

CIHM 2011 (Read Here)

Corregidor International Half Marathon

There’s an eerie feel and shivers that the Malinta Tunnel brings – Photo by Phillip BF

“I finally got my answer on which is more difficult between a ridge run and a trail run.  The answer is a ridge run and a trail run combined A.K.A. Corregidor International Half Marathon.”  – Franc Ramon, Financial Controller

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The above was quoted from me last year in the press kit and also in the Philstar article (read here) about the Corregidor International Half Marathon.  I’ve joined over 50 races to date and if you would ask me which was the most memorable one, I’d immediately tell you it’s Corregidor International Half Marathon in 2011.  It was a test of character and the ultimate challenge was the island in itself and you’d surely note that HILLS in this side of the country are spelled as HELL.  You get to navigate the hilly terrains that shifts from road to trail and into an unlimited climb.  You’re eyes are visually enticed by the green surrounding, the historic relics and structures and the view of the ocean and yet your legs and whole body are taking a total beating from the challenging terrain.   On why I consider this the most memorable one… I had cramps in my right calf muscle on the 16th Kilometer and went on the way to do the next 4 kilometers which was 2 kilometer downhill and another 2 kilometer UPHELL.  On the 20th, kilometer both my left and right calf muscles had cramps so I jump to the grassy part of the island since I can’t use either legs at that point.  I never had the idea that its possible that you can have cramps on both legs at the same time.  After being treated for a while, I finished the last kilometer for my well deserved medal.  Brave men have walked this paths and weekend warriors like you and me also have tested their physical limits and character in the ROCK.

Elevation Profile of CIHM 2011

One look at the elevation profile tells you this is not an easy one.  It makes climbing 20-30 meters of elevation an ordinary task considering you have to climb 170-180 meters of elevation at the midpoint of the race and also another 40 meters of steep inclines heading to the finish line.  The course is historic and legendary but touring the island this way is quite a unique experience as you see batteries, relics, Malinta Tunnel, peace monuments, runways and the lush green surroundings around the race routes.  It’s not only a test of your running prowess but also a test of your heart so whether you come in first or last, you’ll always end up a winner because you’ve faced the challenging terrain of the rock and you’ve got past it.  There are the races and there’s THE RACE and that’s Corregidor International Half Marathon and the race in itself may be difficult but the courage and valor that runs in the island and deep in your heart can conquer the ROCK.  I’m gonna be back in the rock and it’s gonna be SHOWDOWN.

The Relics of the Historic Structures is Such a Visual Delight in Corregidor

Showdown In The Rock

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon is titled showdown in the rock.  It’s gonna be a showdown against the others. It’s gonna be a showdown against the island.  More importantly, it’s gonna be showdown against yourself.

Here’s some race information about the race:

  • Race date is on December 1, 2012 at Corregidor Island and would include 21K and 10K category.
  • Race registration starts on October 15, 2012 and is going to be online at (http://www.corregidor21.runningmate.ph)
  • Registration Fee P2,700 + 4% surcharge* inclusive of the following:
    • Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
    • Full lunch buffet on race day
    • Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
    • 3rd CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
    • 3rd CIHM Race sling bag
    • 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
    • Runners’ Briefing (Nov 24 and 25)
    • 3rd CIHM Victory Rave Party (Dec 01, Saturday night)
    • 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Certificate
    • P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
  • The 3rd CIHM Race Registration Tickets can be availed at SM Tickets outlets at all SM Cinemas nationwide. For non-competing companions of race participants, they may avail of the regular Sun Cruises tour package also at SM Tickets. You will be needing you SM ticket ID number when you do your online registration
  • Immediately after making the online registration, contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 5275555 loc 4511, 0917-5459917, 0917-7948271, 0922-8475418 to book for ferry trip schedules.Indicate the desired trip schedule. (Manila to Corregidor: Overnight : November 30, 2012 11 AM, Day Trip: December 1, 2012 5 AM and Corregidor to Manila:December 1, 2012, 3:30 pm or December 2, 2012, 2:30 pm)
  • Accommodations can be arranged through Sun Cruises at these numbers: 5275555 loc 4511, 0917-5459917, 0917-7948271, 0922-8475418 (Mon to Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-12nn).
  • Runner’s briefing would be on November 24 and 25, 2012 from 3 pm to 8 pm at R.O.X. Race packs would also be distributed here.

Hard to Get

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon is HARD TO GET but the island of Corregidor is definitely NOT HARD TO ENJOY.  Aside from Historic Monuments  like the Malinta Tunnel, The Mile Long Barracks, the Spanish Lighthouse and other historic attractions, you can also enjoy an All-Terrain Vehicle Ride around the Island, Kayaking in its waters and Sunset viewing in its night sky or Ziplining across its hilly terrain.  You can get to know more about this by visiting Sun Cruises website (http://www.corregidorphilippines.com/index.html).

Cruising along the bay at early evening while overlooking the bright lights of the city – Now, that’s a BIG BIG BIG way to launch an event.

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