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I’m Done

Posted by on 14. August 2010

Just got the half year rush off my back and some things did came off easier as expected. It was great to be able to squeeze in another peak at the bright lights in the Bund and the World Expo and even if the trip was just a full three days including the travel time.

One thing I had so much of is the ME-YOU persona of certain people (ME for the credit and YOU for the blame). Oh well, I’m trying to get used to it and I’d rather be the silent achiever lurking in the shadows. What goes around comes around and credit will be given not to those who grab it but to those who deserve it but then again it’s also quite fulfilling getting the job done. It’s quite fun doing the impossible.

I’M DONE… I’m done whining nor sulking nor living in the shadows of the past, I’d just want to be a better person. Still have some things to work on… a trimmer waist and fatter wallet… haha… I have a few runs scheduled ahead so I hope the weather also allows me to run during weeknights as to more savings, that’s a tougher task from my impulsive spending ways.

And being better means being less affected by the annoyances of everyday. I guess that’s called numbness already. We don’t always get the things we yearn for but we can always choose to be better. Some proper endings are not there so instead of contemplating on how some things are not in place, I’d rather take steps or leaps or strides and if it leads me back to a familiar place, I’d be happy and if not, I’ll be hopeful that a better story have yet to unravel. My heart will relearn how to beat faster again.

Off with tomorrow as much as I’d like to always live by the day, I should get to look at the possibility on what if tomorrow comes??? It’s not something to fear but something to look forward to so anything goes… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I really admire people who have the courage to say they are wrong rather than hide in a barrage of excuses. It doesn’t make one less of a person to commit mistakes. It’s not something to be proud of but it happens so might as well have ownership for one’s action.

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