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Humble Beginnings of August Benedicto and His Love for Running #BrooksRunningPH

Posted by on 25. April 2015

First time I saw August Benedicto, he was blitzing the roads of Subic and eventually topping the event.  He’s one of the top Elite Triathletes of our country being a two time 2-Time Ironman 70.3 Elite Champion. What’s more inspiring is his journey from being an ice vendor while studying and training to run and eventually being among out top athletes.  He loves to run and his passion and perseverance has become hes key to his success.  #BrooksRunningPH

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 August Benedicto

August Benedicto

This is the second part of #BrooksRunningPH why do you run series and after a feature of celebrity Ben Alves. We now go to August Benedict, who’s one of the country’s top triathletes and is a two time Cebu Ironman 70.3 Elite Category Winner.  What stands out is his humble beginning as someone who sells ice while studying and waking up early to train for a run.  He started winning runs he joined and with consistency, passion and love, he rose to become one of the country’s elite triathletes.  It’s not easy being a triathlete since you need to be consistent and work on three different discipline, swimming, cycling and running.  All three discipline takes time and effort.  I always believe top athletes have the best attitudes because they continue to work hard without excuses.  They push and inspire themselves to be better in every race they join.  August Benedicto loves what he does and that’s what make him a better athlete.

How about you? Why do you run or better yet, why don’t you?  I’ve been running since mid 2010 and I’ve been able to do a lot of things I never expected or never aspired for.  One goal led to another and I still enjoy each run and continue to push myself not only to be my best in races but also to be able to continue the running lifestyle.  Brooks brings in the technology that’s made for runners by runners so each material and feature is designed to give the runner a more comfortable ride.  You’ll never do what you can do unless you try it so here’s me asking you to make running a part of your lifestyle. It’s gonna make you strong and keep you healthy.

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