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Hit The Trails With Ahon Trail Socks

Posted by on 11. January 2016

The demands of the trails are different compared to road runs.  On the trails, you spend more time on your feet because of the uneven and varying surfaces.  You then deal with different debris that can enter your shoes as you hit the dirt, the sands, the rocks and the rivers.  Then there’s the warmer temperature, the steep drops and a lot more. With rigors like this, you have to have the right socks that would give you both protection and comfort as you hit the trails.  Ahon Trail Socks is designed for the rigors of trails made by the people who hit the trails regularly.

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Ahon Trail Socks

Road runs and trail runs complement each other but are different in so many ways.  The road is more rhythmic when it comes to pace while the trails is anything goes.  There’s uneven and varying terrains and surfaces.  It takes more time to navigate them as you have to adjust your stride with each step you make.  There’s harsher conditions as you have to pass through rivers, cliffs, dirt roads, sands, twigs and a lot more.  There’s the endless ascent and steep drops that can challenge your lung power and sense of balance.  There’s the heat of the sun as most of the time you hit the trails in the light of day.  It’s a tough world when it comes to trails but the upside is worth it with the scenic views, the fresher air and the improved fitness level.  Tough as it is, there’s the proper trail socks that’s gonna make it a sweeter journey.

I got to try the Ahon (Tiger Shark Ultra) Trail Socks on our climb to Mount Ulap via Ampucao / Sta Fe Trail.  The Tiger Shark is their top of the line product and is perfect for everyday trail, hike or adventure.   The first thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really comfortable.  It had a good fit with thick soles and added cushioning in the toe, arch and the heel area.   That level of comfort would go a long way as we had to be in the trail for hours and had to walk on a lot of stretches because of the climbs.  It has thick soles and arch support band, which makes each stride softer with the feet cushioned from the impact of running.  The Sta. Fe part of the trail was about 3 kilometers worth of suicide drops, which can be tough on the toes. Since the socks had a seamless finish, I didn’t have blisters and the thick soles also prevented any dead toe nails.  With the continuous foot strike,  the feet tends to overheat and be sore.  The mesh vents kept the feet cool and dry while the thick sole prevents soreness at the bottom of the feet. The double welt construction also helps a lot in protecting the ankle as the uneven steps of the different trail surfaces can lead to a lot of pronation. It also doubles as a compression to the feet and generates a better blood flow and speeds up recovery.

We spent about 3 to 4 hours in the trail and that’s a lot of dirt, twigs, rocks, hay, grass, limestone. We went through steep climbs and suicide descents. The good part about it was I never had to worry about blisters or any debris n my shoes.  Ahon Trail socks felt really comfortable and had my feet relaxed even on the rigorous parts of the trail.  It also helped in adding stability in my foot with its durability and snug-fit.  Ahon trail socks were built by people who are passionate in exploring the trails. They know the needs of the trail running community because they are a part of it and do spend a lot of time exploring the trails.  They also have the Ahon.PH Gaiters, which can help prevent debris in your shoes.  Ahon.PH is a Filipino Company designed to meet the trail needs of the trail runners and trekkers in the country so they can perform better and injury free.

Built with a special blend of nylon, polyester, and elastane to keep your feet dry, cool, and protected during those epic runs, hikes and other outdoor activities. Ahon Trail Socks is proudly GAWANG PINOY!

 The Socks

Tiger Shark (Ultra) – Top of the line trail socks. For all-day runs, hikes and adventures. Price: PhP 599

High Risk (Ultra) – Top of the line trail socks. For all-day runs, hikes and adventures. Price: PhP 599

Stone Cold (Epic) – Mid-range trail socks. Cushioned on the soles, light and airy on the tops. Price: PhP 549

Salmon (Epic) – Mid-range trail socks. Cushioned on the soles, light and airy on the tops Price: PhP 549

VOODOO (LITE) – Minimalist Hybrid Socks.Just the bare essentials. Price: PhP 399

Fiery Grey (Lite) – Mimimalist Hybrid Socks. Just the bare essentials. PhP 399


  • SMALL-MEDIUM (US men’s 6-9 / women’s 6-10.5)
  • MEDIUM-LARGE (US men’s 9.5-12)

How To Order

  • Email
  • Indicate quantity, design, and size needed
  • After order is finalized and confirmed, They shall reply with a price quote and our bank accounts (BPI and BDO. Paypal payments may be arranged). Deposit/transfer payment and email them a photo of your deposit slip (or screenshot of your online transaction). Shipping of packages will be done after payment is confirmed.


  • 1-2 working days within Metro Manila
  • 2-4 working days outside Metro Manila
    • Shipping will be free if gaiters are included in your order
    • Tracking number will be available upon request

Follow Them

  • Facebook: Ahon.PH
  • Instragram:  Ahon.PH

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