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Hello Pasko!!!

Posted by on 2. December 2011

“It’s the time of year when the elaborate bright decorations dominate the night skies but it also comes unbearable traffic and parking situation, congested airports, mall and restaurant spaces, overzealous well wishers and extra-picky taxi drivers.  Love it or hate it, Christmas is coming.

Pinoys Love Fun

The wonder of being stuck in the part of the world that has the longest and most festive Christmas celebration. It is where people remains resilient even when times are tough and circumstances are rough.  The Philippines is a nation of celebrations.  We celebrate for the slightest reasons from a kid graduating to an employee getting promoted or retiring and not to mention those regular birthday parties, anniversaries, town fiestas and of course, the annual countdown to Christmas day.  Knowing how to appreciate the little blessings we get and our anticipation for the next celebration is what makes us resilient.  That’s why I always like spending my December here – In a country that can poke fun of having an infamous airports or take humor on the political turbulence or even the latest events in the showbiz circle.


I’m always mixed with anticipation and apprehension every time Christmas approaches as the festivities and events are always a welcome diversion but I’m also stuck in a profession that gets busy once year end approaches and the closing of the books begin.  I think this year is much easier to plan as a year ago, I was jumping from planning one party after another while doing my regular training routines and cramming some year end stuff.  This year I’m taking it easy just focusing on my training and racing schedule and little time with family and friends and gifts…  oh wait shouldn’t the buying of gifts be already a part of my system at this time???  Oh poor family and friends as I haven’t caught up with the spirit of giving yet. That’s still a full 24 days more to cram, I guess or better yet avoid the holiday rush by not shopping at all.  When I get to have a time, let’s make a list of who’s naughty or nice.


The board meeting is over and for that I can breathe a big sigh of relief.   It was short and painless. I’m starting to buy that telecon meetings are better. Less questions… less answers… less mistakes and no need to travel much.  It’s gonna be busy soon but soon is not today so that’s good.  I’ll bid my time and reserve those precious energy and much needed  patience until the time calls for it. Work… Rest… Work…


It’s been difficult trying to build up endurance lately with multiple races and another two race in the succeeding weekends plus some work stuff and the festive mood.  Focus.  I’ll be pushing myself more, have some races as training runs and have fun in the process.  I’ve been going through that exercise lately focusing more on the run and the fun of it rather than be conscious with time.  I also need to start thinking of what bike I want as soon I should start moving on to duathlons.  Think… Save… Think…


The travel bug in me has been itching and itching real hard.  Looks like the vacation I’ve been planning is falling apart but let’s see I might still have a few tricks of my sleeves.  Seriously, I miss my travels… Not the work related ones but the one in which I get to go to new frontiers.   Plan… Plan… Plan…

It’s December!!! It’s festive, busy and I’m very much upbeat on things to come.  I’m in a much better situation now and things are just heating up and after the haze of a busy board meeting has cleared up, I can now see Christmas so I say with much joy… Hello Pasko!!!

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