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Health in a Cup with D2X Coffee

Posted by on 17. May 2020

There’s nothing like starting a day with a healthy cup of coffee. D2X Coffee is packed with 5 natural boosters in an easy to mix pack with a natural Stevia sweetener.

D2X Coffee

I came to know of D2X coffee a few months ago and it’s been a part of my daily routine. There are actually two variants of their coffee, which is Coffee Mangosteen and Coffee Kreme with Mangosteen. The former is a bolder flavor designed to perk you up to start your day while the latter is a much more feel good flavor with a tinge of cream in each cup. I feel a lot sharper starting my day with D2X coffee.

The Coffee Mangosteen is perfect to start up your day with its stronger flavor. It’s a great way to jump start your system for a long day ahead. Coffee Kreme Mangosteen is for those who prefer a richer creamy taste in coffee. This for me is my perfect post meal coffee as I usually like to have that rich taste as a counter to my regular meal and it also helps starts the process of lightening up after a heavy meal.

Compared to other coffee, I feel a lot lighter (not bloated) after each cup. That’s probably because of the Mangosteen in their coffee and a natural sweetener in Stevia. Mangosteen is low in calories and rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibers. At the same time, it’s also an anti-oxidant that helps cleanse your body. I had a better digestion process with D2X coffee and helps in easing toxins in the system.

It also helps that it goes with a Stevia Natural Sweetener with much lower calories than regular sugar. Stevia has also been known to help people manage the sugar in their system.

Mangosteen and a lot more

D2X is an excellent alternative especially at times like this as it does not stop just being your regular dose of caffeine but it also helps boost immune system with its nutrients and the anti-oxidant properties.

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