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Hangzhou’s West Lake

Posted by on 20. June 2009

I have several visit in one of China’s cosmopolitan cities, Hangzhou.  Hangzhou is just an hour away by train from Shanghai by train and can be accessible via plane.  It is a mix of a cosmopolitan environment yet has a strong industrial sector.  Even if my visits here were short ones, I was able to visit the West Lake, which is one of the more iconic lakes and attraction in China and one of the UNESCO world heritage site.  The beauty of the lake were able to inspire artists in coming up with poems, sketches and paintings.

What’s in the west lake??? A large lake with a picturesque landscape and have a strong tie to China’s culture and you can take a cruise around or just walk around and then its the main area in Hangzhou.  Being in the lake for several visits here never gets old as the lake looks so serene and the structures are really intricate and in tune with the old China.  You have structures and attraction around the lake and is in the heart of Hangzhou.  Another thing that adds attraction to the West Lake is the Flora and Fauna around and within the lake among them Plums Blossom, Tulips and Lotus.

.The re are several food establishment around and has the park type atmosphere with several kiosk around too.   A lot of Hangzhou’s establishments are centered into this attraction from posh hotel chains, established food establishments and bars, and even key offices.  Another interesting information I gathered is that it’s a sister city with my hometown in Baguio.  That explains how it felt much like home.  We were also able to visit a strip in Hangzhou where you can buy souvenirs from affordable chopsticks, key chains and even your personalized Chinese stamp.   Hangzhou is such a nice place to visit and it’s always a thrill being back here.  Now, if I can only locate the East, North and South lakes.

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