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Guest Post: Happiness

Posted by on 23. April 2012

My friend Padie Alover requested me to post his take on happiness and I’m taking this in as a guest post on my site.  Read up and be inspired.

“Life is a never ending battle of uncertainties”.

Everywhere we go we may find uncertain things to happen, certain things that become uncertain. But it may not end in that scenario, we have to continue things and mend accordingly. I have been through many heart aches, pain and emptiness, but that’s maybe my destiny, I have to continue and battle for a life and thing called love. I wont stop loving and being in pain wont stop from doing so.

I can see happiness, but inside me is a lonely heart but not empty. Ironic isn’t it? Yes it is very ironic, I must have turn things according to my will and according to God’s will.

Everything has an end, and ending doesn’t mean dwelling in your own you, but rather embracing the fact that we are humans. Humans who experience happiness, sadness, excitement, boredom, anxiety, pressures and all kinds of emotions every individual have.

Now that I have been in another turning point of life that I have learned from. We should not forget the people who somehow touches our lives, inspired us, gave us a hard time, but rather thank them for having them in your life. It may not be the better end, but somehow, one way or another, they move us.

Life is a never ending battle of uncertainties, no matter how hard, we have to continue to love and give love, till such time, the right one comes.


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