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Great Bank Family Fun Run

Posted by on 22. July 2013

Fast and the furious 5K Complete – Photo by Photo-ops

Distance: 5K
Date: July 21, 2013
Great Bank Family Fun Run is not your ordinary fun run as it features a fresh race course in Aseana City and an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family… and yes, that includes the pets too.”

Week Number 3 of Racing – Photo by Running Photographers

3 Weeks of Running

Read about: Incoming: Great Bank Family Fun Run

After 3 straight long distance races in the last four week starting with 21K World Vision then 16.8K for Adidas King of the Road and another 21K for Takbo.PH, I was asked which distance I would want to run, 5K or 10K?  Without even thinking, I replied 5K.  After those long runs, it’s time to do a short one again for recovery yet still pile in my weekly mileage.  I like the concept of Great Bank Family Fun Run since its really highlights more of the FUN and FAMILY than the RUN plus this one is themed closest to my profession which is Finance and dealing with banks.  It would be fun to explore the short distance once in a while and it would be nice to explore Aseana City for a change.

Race Route

Fast and Flat Aseana City Course – Maps by Suunto’s Movecount.

Race Starts at Bradco Avenue and immediately proceeds to Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard where the roads are fast and flat.  The roads goes way past Coastal Mall before the u-turn slot and heads back to Bradco Avenue for the finish.  10K runners would be doing to loops.  The good part about this course is the roads are wide and there’s enough leg room for a good run.

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The Race

Let’s Get This Race ON! – Photo by Photo-Ops

I had to attend a friend’s party the night before the run so was contemplating whether to just go aerobic or try to do a fast one so My strategy was to start fast and try to sustain it but if it becomes too uncomfortable I would just slow down to enjoy the race.  I started by jogging the distance from my car to the start line as I can’t afford to be stiff on the first part of the race as there would be no more time for recovery.  Also did my fair share of stretching before gun start.

Here we go!!! – Photo by Photo-ops

Gunstart!!!  Of to a blazing start at 5:30 minute per kilometer pace for the first lap before the first water station.  I’m loving the course for its flat surface.  Settled down to a 6:20 minute per kilometer pace with walking breaks at the water stations towards the second kilometer approaching Coastal Mall going into the halfway mark and resumed the same pace back until kilometer 4.

Debuting my Running Singlet – Photo by Photo-ops

Approaching the last kilometer of the race.  I started to accelerate my pace with a 6 minute per kilometer pace before going at the last 200 meters at  a 5 minute per kilometer for a strong finish and there you go, 5K at 31 minutes.  It was a fast and a furious run for me.  It was nice going at this pace for a change and also had a nice strong boost to the finish line.

This race is A-OK!!! – Photo by Photo-ops

This is what I like with races organized by Without Limits, the quality is the same whether its a big run, it’s a medium size run or an intimate run.  This one was more of a medium sized run with around a thousand runners.  Hydration was sufficient, race was festive, excellent coverage by Photo-ops and Running Photographers and there were a lot of prizes raffled of during the event plus having a commemorative P1 coin as a token was extra special.  It was also nice to watch the kids and the dogs do the side events with their own run as part of the event.

Introducing’s New Logo

Weapon of Choice

adidas Energy Boost for a fast and furious 5K run.

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