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Posted by on 25. June 2012

Every step or misstep leads us to be in the right place at the right time.


A wise professor of mine once said that the saddest word in the dictionary was the word, “if,” because it always leave one wanting for more.  Can you identify a point in time wherein you would have wanted a different outcome?  A crossroad wherein you should have taken a different mode of action.  Some people would say I wouldn’t change a thing or does it sound cliche?  I for one also do look back to certain aspect of the past. No matter how I look at it, I always end up feeling grateful.  The thing is each event in our life is intertwined and if we change a thing in the past, the present won’t be the same.  The things I appreciate now won’t be there had I selected a different path.  So every step or misstep has led you to where you are today.


I don’t know if this can apply as a general rule.  If you dissect elements of your life, there’s always a reason to be grateful.  I DO.  I like that I can write for a magazine and in these site sharing my thoughts, my travels and my runs.  I like that I found a passion in running and cycling that I can pursue even during the times I am struggling and a team to support me in this endeavors.  I like that I can travel from time to time and pamper myself and family on new adventures and new destinations. I like that I have family and friends who’d share in my joy, weep in my discomfort and become a wall when I need someone to lean on.  I like that even if my work gives me a great deal of headaches, I still have a job that maximizes my talents.  I could go on and somehow, this would be a different list had I taken a different path.  This is the reason no matter how I look back, I don’t find ‘ifs’ because I was able to live by what life throws at me and I ended up in a better situation.  So every step or misstep has led me to this point and I always end up grateful.


Of course, I don’t have a perfect life because no one does live a life like that but I take what I can have and share what I can.  I guess that’s how I get my satisfaction.  I could list a lot of things I’d want to do.  I have few puzzle pieces to unravel.  I want some key changes and even greater adventures but I know that it’s all a matter of time.  It may be a different set of circumstances or a different set of goals.  Life’s about the journey and not just the destination.  We just need to know our goals just so we’ll be able to live with purpose but the bulk of what makes life meaningful is experiencing it… The GOOD, The BAD and The Ugly.  It may take another set of steps or missteps but we’ll eventually end up at the right place and at the right time.  It may not be the right place and time we assumed but it’s gonna be the one reserved for us.

Moving Forward

So still counting the ‘ifs’ you could have taken, maybe it’s the time to stop.  You could either be in a better or worst scenario but you’ll never know if you keep on looking back instead of looking where you are.  If you are in a better situation then well and good.  You were able to adjust and absorb the impact well in the past or life’s break eventually went in your favor.  If you are in a worst scenario, then you may end up taking the lesson and look how you can make a better tomorrow.  Then if you’re out of reasons to be grateful just think about tomorrow that you still have and another chance to change things up.  Hope is one commodity we should never run out off.  So take those steps or missteps, if you may, cause it’s all gonna make sense when you get to reach your destination.

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