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Goodbye Ultra Busy Days

Posted by on 31. March 2012

Busy Mode

My mind and my patience take a beating on weekdays at work and my body and muscles take a beating on weeknights for trainings.  It goes to ultra busy mode on the merry month of March.  Annual report rush is one of the events that keeps me at the office at times up to midnight and at the same time, I still try to have meaningful workouts as I was able to sneak in my duathlon debut this month.  I’ll always be a busy person and even if you take work out of the equation, I still have tons of to dos in my ultra busy life.

I’m probably one of the best when it comes to time management and the worst in room management.  While I am capable of finishing the annual report and preparing and crossing the finish line for my first duathlon, it’s the little things that is left unaccomplished like cleaning my room, buying my food supplies, and all those little chores. Yet despite being ultra busy, I did have one hell of a month with my birthday celebration extending until yesterday at Sambokojin, my first out-of-town camp and of course, finishing my first duathlon.

Finer Side

After all those sleep shortened nights, I get to start catching up and re-shifting my body clock to training mode.  The Annual Report is printing and it’ll be the first time to finish it without going to Taipei to check on the proofs.  Everything was done online. Not as efficient as expected but the bottom line is the work is done and I just have an AGM to finish and it’s anything goes from there on.  April should be a  lot more exciting with me joining a high altitude, a zombie and beach runs.

As summer heats in the Philippines, I can fill my weekends effortlessly and am probably booked til end of May and none of these even involve work.  Weekend has either been training or more training but with those out of town runs, it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines.

First Stop

At my first stop and came at an impulse was a trip back to 88 Hot Springs in Laguna.  I figured my battle-weary muscles could benefit from the volcanic hot springs waters.  After this, I should be all set for my final build up for Baguio 21K.

Hello April!!!

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