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Going Up and Down to Leyte

Posted by on 18. June 2009

Taclobanhas been an early destination for several work engagement in my career. One of my first work assignments was to do an inventory count for Copra, which is the white part of the coconut which is dried which would later on be converted to cooking oil.  Even for inventory count procedure, this was unique as compared to the usual counting of stocks, this one was being measured.  It’s also a test of geometry skills as you can measure a square, rectangular or triangle lot of stocks.   There were several buying stations in Leyte which we had to visit. It starts with Tacloban, which was also the historical site of the return of McArthur from the Japanese occupation in the Philippines.Since we’re on this location which is at the tailend of San Juanico Bridge.  We crossed the Philippines longest bridge at 2.16 kilometers all the way to Samar.  The bridge was really beautiful.  The list does not end there as continued drill down south to towns of Ormoc, Baybay, Maasin and Sogodto visit the other buying stations.  The experience had as mostly on the road crashing a different hotel every night, which varies from simple hotels to some resorts. Of course, it includes a seafood treat from the buying stations wherein we were fed the best seafood in town and also had several rounds of beer and of course, entertainment.

Since it was work, I wasn’t able to go around so my best memories of these places are the variety of seafoods they offer, Mc Arthur Park in Tacloban, San Juanico Bridge and the countless hours traveling from one place to another.  There were two things that was constant though, we were treated with utmost hospitality and we were treated to the best foods in the area.  I really had a blast going from one place to another and aside from the calories gained, I was also able to gain a lot of experience in this trip.

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