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Gloomy Month of June

Posted by on 7. June 2012


By now, I’ve grown accustomed to starting a month with a blog that talks about what’s in store for the month.  If the month of May was lazy, this month has been gloomy.  For one summer is gone and the rain is starting to slow down my outdoor-centric lifestyle.  Somehow, I’m at a crossroad or on a downward spiral path now. This month got off to a bad… no… make that awful start.  This resulted to me spending the first few days on my bad side. Yes, I do have that side.  The aloof and do not approach me side that you’d rather not meet.  I’m rarely in this mood as I’m almost always in a positive mode.  Don’t mind the small stuff so they say but it does get annoying when even the miniscule items become a big problem.  I’d rather not dwell on this but everybody has a tolerance level and somehow, I’ve reached mine.


Though some scores remained unsettled, I’m letting go of all the bad vibe.   I realized that at the worst scenario, I have all the tools to restart and rebuild.  If I had a strength that I know I should nurture and ensure that I will never lose, that is being positive.  I can be out of cash or out of opportunities but I dare not lose the optimist in me.  That’s what make me resilient.  That’s what sets me apart.  That’s what makes me get the job done.  So if something does threaten to take that away, I’d rather walk away with my pride and dignity in tact than stay on feeling bitter with what I am doing.   I’m ready on whatever wrenches thrown in my way. I don’t know how things end up in a few days, a few weeks or a few months but it’s the uncertainties that make life exciting.

Month of June

Out with the drama and into my life.  Thanks God for running and multi sports, I have a lot of things to do.  I started the month, running away from the bad vibes and ended up running happy in Brooks Run Happy.  A relaxing run is one way of taking the bad vibe away.  Of course, another happy note was seeing my good friends Mascy and Jeff get married in Antipolo on the 2nd day of June.  I was happy to see Ateneo Friends, Team Total Fitness, multi sport friends and Mascy’s relatives.  Even if it was a rainy Saturday, it was such a nice sight to see two of your close friends start their happily ever after.

I’m also a lot more visible in the blogger’s world and will be attending my second blogger’s event. I’m glad that I’ve hit 4000+++ hits in a month for the second straight month.  It’s still a toss up if I’ll be taking another run event as I’m all set to test my mettle again in an uphill climb at Caylabne.  Of course, I know those climbs would definitely kick my behind but it’s gonna be a harder try this time.  I’m also scouting my next few races as I’m suddenly contemplating if I’d want to take a 10K or 21K distance in the Baguio Leg of Milo Marathon.  Another event on my radar is a run in Singapore, Singtel’s Run for Cancer happening next month as I was invited by my friend.  Of course, I’m wanting another Outbreak and hoping to end up as Zombies this time.  I’m also hopeful that I get to run with Team Total Fitness complete in the next few months.

I’m all set for my weekend with the family in La Union and Pangasinan.  Meeting my family has been a rare occurrence as of late as I’ve been all around the place and have not been able to step foot in my hometown for the whole of 2012.  We did make an effort to go home last April but a series of unfortunate events prevailed with us ending up in the repair shop instead.  I don’t meet too many people also since I’m trying to balance a 6 times a week training split between run and bike parts.  It’s good that I do get a few days off to meet some select friends.  I’m used to the busy life and the challenge is always how to maintain a perfect mix.  It’s this dilemma that keeps me awake and I think so far, I’m quite happy how I’m able to balance thing.  Not my usual ever reliable self but at least, I find a way to show up from time to time.

The struggles at this time of the year are just appetizers.  I’m always gonna look for a better way and even at the gloomiest time, I’d still want to believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… I just hope that the light at the end of the tunnel does not come from a moving train. I’m made of a lot sturdier stuff, so whatever bumps in the road that’s coming, JUST BRING IT!!!


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