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Globe Run For Home

Posted by on 27. March 2011

Distance: 15K
Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Date: March 27, 2011
Pace: 6:32 minutes per kilometer

I was a bit worried about this race since I’ve missed a significant amount of my training after a business trip in Taiwan and 15K was not really under my comfort zone.  I’ve missed running a race for a month though I was still training in between so it was a GO for this one.  I really didn’t know what would be a good strategy for this one either I go at full effort or maybe just sustain a 7 minutes per kilometer pace.

Full speed ahead from the get go and was able to sustain a sub 6 minutes per kilometer for the first 5 to 6 kilometers and went ahead to finish a strong 10K and from then on I knew I have to conserve my energy for the last 5K as I usually do on my long training, I alternated a strong kilometer and a steady one until I reached the finish line but not without a scare.  Going to the last 200 meters, I felt a cramp in my right calf muscle but with the finish line so close and it was a choice of walking the final 200 meter or still go at it.  I just took the risk and knowing that if I get cramps near the finish line, I can crawl my way to the finish line.  Fortunately, it went well and the time was 1:38.

I’m quite happy with this run since I can now sustain the sub 6 minutes per kilometer longer and with the distance measuring 15.2 kilometers, this was a new PR for 15K.  15K is still a work in progress but I’ll be glad to cross this distance every now and then and of course, I would be shooting for a longer distance soon.

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