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Globe Offers Unlimted Data Roaming at P599 per Day

Posted by on 14. November 2014

Tired of hunting for wi-fi spots just to upload a photo on Instagram?  Need an urgent information  Lost your luggage at the airport the 2nd time around? Need immediate access to Maps to make your way through the ancient temples in the city? Looking for hotel and restaurant reviews to make your vacation more worth it?  Make your trip abroad a worry-free experience with Globe Telecom’s P599/day unlimited data roaming available in over 70 countries worldwide with FREE TravelCare insurance of up to P200,000! Check out this infographic and get educated. Visit for more details! #GlobeDataRoaming

Unlimited Data Roaming

At the top of the Dragon’s Back Trail in Hong Kong. Uploaded in Instagram using P599 Flat Rate for Data Roaming.

I’ve been traveling in and out of the country for several years now for work and for travel around 4 to 10 times a year.  When it comes to roaming charges, I’ve had a lot of experience.  I’ve had my line cut because of exceeding my credit limit.  I was also charged astronomical numbers since I had to grab some important work emails.  I also had to desperately look for Wifi hotspots just to be able to access the net to search for the place I have to visit.  It’s much difficult being on foreign shores because you have limited access of your mobile data.  Mobile data has changed a lot of our lifestyle from being up to date to our social networks, being able to access maps and emails and even using chat software like Viber, Whatsapp and WeChat to communicate with family and friends.   It’s definitely easier going around and sharing moments once you have data roaming.

Globe Unlimited Data Roaming at P599 per day is a game changer.  It makes traveling easier.  I can check my office mail at ease.  I can use the maps to find the place I have to visit.  I can access my social media accounts to keep myself updated.  I can chat with friends and family and give them key updates on my trip.  I can share the moments on Instagram or Facebook as they happen.  I am such an adventure seeker. A few months ago, I went to trek the Dragon’s Back in Hong Kong using only an application description and my mobile phone.  It was a new place for me and since I was using Globe Unlimited Data Plan at P599, I was comfortable getting lost since I know with the maps, I can find my way back.  The other part of it was that I get to upload the photo from my trek on my Instagram and Facebook accounts as they happen.

How about sharing some 3D Street Art at Discovery Bay in Hong Kong?

When it comes to savings, the Globe Unlimited Data Plan at P599 can also save you a lot.  You don’t only save on the roaming data charges but with applications like Skype and Viber, you can save on actual call and SMS charges.  Even transportation cost can be more efficient as getting lost could mean grabbing an expensive cab to drive you back to your hotel.  That’s really a lot of convenience and savings at the palm of your hands.   It’s also easy to use as you’ll receive an SMS notification on the partner site as you arrive another country and you will also receive a notification once the service is effective and 3 hours before it expires.

Why look for a Wifi hotspot when you can upload that magnificent view of the Gardens in the Bays in Singapore as you see it?

Having Unlimited Data Plan at P599 gets you more comfortable on foreign soil because you don’t have to think about expensive or exorbitant roaming charges.  You have all the useful applications like maps and travel sites to guide you on your trip.  You have easy access to your contacts and social accounts, which makes the world such a smaller,  friendlier and a wonderful place.

How about sharing that cool temperature while you shiver in the cold streets of Taipei.

Globe Data Roaming flat rate of P599/day is now available in over 70 countries worldwide. To use the service, simply switch on your data roaming and you’ll be locked on to Globe’s partner carrier in your destination.  As an added value, subscribers on the unlimited data roaming service also receive free TravelCare insurance which provides up to P200,000 worth of protection from travel inconveniences.  Globe Data Roaming flat rate of P599/day is available for ALL postpaid subscribers.  To see all destinations covered and to learn more, visit

For further assistance, please dial *143# or call the Globe Roaming Hotline +6327301212 (toll-free even while roaming).  You can get in touch with Globe too, through Twitter at @Talk2GLOBE, or send us a message. You can also find answers from other subscribers by going to Globe Community at

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