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Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Posted by on 4. March 2014

“Gino’s brings in a much healthier and tastier brick oven baked pizza with unique flavors that would leave your taste buds delighted and asking for more. Imagine a Pizza with a sunny side up egg as one of its toppings, or one with spicy taste of buffalo wings or large chunks of bacon on top of your pizza.  Those are some of the rich flavors that you get to enjoy at Gino’s.”   

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Gotta Love Gino’s

Outbreak Manila Zombies loves Gino’s.

One of the things we look forward to during Outbreaks is that we always end up having our post celebrations at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza at their Katipunan branch just fronting Miriam College.   Gino’s caught our attention while we were busy buzzing about all the stories we had to tell. Unique looking Pizza came in and then there was silence.  It was a Pizza with a Sunny Side Up Egg on top of the crust.  It’s more commonly called SMEGG (Sausage, Mushroom, Egg and Gouda Cheese).  Then followed a pizza with large bacon chunks called Bacon Gouda and one with shreds of Buffalo Chicken that comes in a spicier variant and then came one pizza after another each with it’s unique flavor.  It just taste so good with the soft thin crust absorbing much of the flavor of the ingredients for a much richer taste.  It takes just a bite to know that brick oven pizza is a notch better than conventional pizza.

Buffalo Chicken

Gotta Love the Flavor

With just one bite, Gino’s has suddenly gone up the ladder as my favorite pizza.  What I like about Gino’s is that’s it different in terms of how it is prepared and how it taste.  There’s a science in brick oven pizza that allows the proper heating environment for the ingredients and the crust to be baked just right.  When it comes to flavors, most of their flavors are their own giving your taste buds a unique and savory experience.  The softer and thinner crust makes it absorb some of the flavors in the crust which combines to a make the pizza a lot tastier.  The ingredients are hand picked. Each pizza is given a special attention so it can be baked perfectly under a brick oven environment.

Gotta Love the Ambiance

Since I am from Makati, I find their Katipunan Branch a bit far for me. When the news came up that there’s a Gino’s branch in Makati that just opened, I was really excited. As it turns out the Gino’s in Makati is just a few steps from our office and is located at Finman Center, Bautista St. cor. Torsedillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  That’s about a few minutes walk from Velasquez Park.  The ambiance is homey with the brick house environment setup. It’s also conducive to discussions as each visit, I see a lot of the people talking and exchanging pleasantries so it’s definitely a great place to relax.

 So in a few weeks, I brought some friends over so they could experience the Gino’s Pizza too and they liked the placed too as an evidence they were able to eat an average of 3 slices or half of the pizza on their visit where they usually just average a slice or two on other pizza chains. The serving size is about 11-12 inches in diameter.  I guess that comes with the rich taste.   I think it would be perfect to go here as a large group so you can go with more pizza variety and try the different flavors.

Gotta Love the Value for Money

In terms of price point, Gino’s is just mid range within P250-P400+ for a 11-12 inch pizza.  Other commercialized pizza chain also offers about the same price range.  It’s value for money and I guess the only reason you’ll think that it should fall on a higher range is that you tend to eat more because it’s easy on the tummy and great on the taste buds.  That’s a good thing because you end up satisfied after a good meal.

Gotta Love Pasta

Gino’s also has a variety of pasta to choose from that is as personalized and as individually flavored as their Pizza.  I have also tried their Pasta and also love it as much as their Pizza. There are also select appetizers to choose from.  Overall, Gino’s provides you with a whole pizza and pasta experience that would definitely have you craving for more.  Make the taste buds and tummy happy, Try Gino’s.

Gotta Love the Dessert

Crunchy Chocolate Chicharon

Here’s a delight for your taste bud as a bite at their chocolate chicharon is a delight with the sweet taste of chocolate meshes with the salty taste of chicharon.  I really loved this one as it was a real surprise that it taste so great.  They also have a Nutella Soup where you get to tear of the crust and slowly deep it in the soup for another great dessert from Gino’s.

Gotta Love their Page

Follow them at: Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza Facebook Page or

Visit them at:

Katipunan: 2F 341 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights QC (above mercury drug), 1108 Quezon City, Philippines

Makati: G/F Finman Center, 117 Tordesillas St (Bautista St), Makati City, Makati City

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