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Getting Ready for RU2 with Enervon Activ

Posted by on 29. April 2013

It’s Hot, So What?

Training during summertime has been challenging due to the hot and humid environment.  Nothing that a trusty hydration belt can’t beat.  With a warmer weather, it’s important to hydrate often so we can make the most out of our run and don’t end up dehydrated and all-cramped up.  The races has also takes a greener turn as the usual hydration stations would save on cups and in its place would be refilling station for your water bottles.    Enter ENERVON ACTIV Hydration Belt that comes at such an affordable price for Run United 2.

  1. This promo is exclusively for Run United 2 Participants.
  2. Purchase 10 pieces of ENERVON ACTIV at any authorized registration centers of RU 2 (worth P120) and get the limited edition Active Health Hydration Belt for only P200 (includes 2 bottles of 120 ml).
  3. Race bib must be presented when availing this promo.
  4. Promo can be availed once per bib number only.
  5. Promo duration: April 26 to May 26 or until supply last.

Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0831 s. 2013

Now we’re ready to beat the heat

Getting a hydration belt at P200 is a real bargain as hydration belts can go over a thousand pesos.  Other observations on the hydration belt is that it’s lightweight and has a significant compartment for phones and other stuff needed in the race.  The 2 x 180 ml bottle would last you for a long run and doesn’t fall off as it has a rubberized cord to strap it in place.  It can also last you long-term even past Run United 2 as you can use it anytime you race and train.  So time to head over to the registration station and grab your hydration belt as it can run out as fast a runner chasing a new PR

Activ-ly Preparing for RU 2

Run United is one of the best stages to chase PRs or even go for a longer distance like the 32K since being in a pack of thousands of competitive racers gives one an adrenalin rush to push further and harder.  It also gives you additional comfort that you’re running in one of the most organized race in the country so you can focus on the run and giving it your best shot.  For R U 2, I’m looking at a 21 Kilometer distance and here’s how I’m gonna prepare.

Run Long

There is no short cut in gaining endurance for a half marathon.  It requires building up mileage gradually over the weeks until the long run feels like a short one.  Running long also develop muscle memory, making the stride more natural and avoiding common mistakes like heel striking.   Run long on a hilly incline also helps lengthen your strides which adds efficiency in your runs.

Run Fast

When the endurance starts building up, speed sets can now be incorporated in the training.  Getting used to running at a faster cadence can really cut a lot of the running time and it also develops a rhythm on the strides and fast-tracks recovery.  Aside from speed, a half marathon is a game of recovery.  The faster the recovery, the more consistency in running at a fast pace.

Run Strong

Core strength is another key item to develop as running with the right posture make running more natural.  A strong core helps maintain posture and running form. As the run goes longer and fatigue sets in, it’s the running form that keeps one going.  Adding a day or two for pure core workout like push ups, planks and crunches.

Enervon Activ

Running under this program would have me to go over around 40-50 kilometers per week of running mileage and that requires a lot of energy and I started taking Enervon Activ as I need all the energy I can get.  It has helped me cope with a 4-5 days a week training schedule and also perform my daily work and life routine.  Aside from reducing sports fatigue, it also strengthen the immune system to be free of sickness and uninterrupted training to be consistent on building strength, endurance and speed.

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