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Get Healthier with Javita

Posted by on 13. October 2016

You don’t need to overhaul your routine to start a healthy life. At times, you just have to develop the right habits and have the right nutrients in your system.  Javita has products variant from coffee, tea, active fruit blends and chocolate that can convert your regular drink into a healthy supplement that can help you in your fitness, weight-loss and even disease management goals.

Javita Coffee

I’m quite picky when it comes to coffee. It’s because gourmet coffees are a lot healthier and also richer in taste than regular lattes and cold blends.  Either way, a good cup of coffee tends to be pricey at around P100++ for just a cup of coffee.  3 in 1 coffees can be a lot cheaper but it has also more fat and calories packed in every sachet.  Then comes Javita, where each box has 24 sachet and each sachet can make 2 full cups of coffee, which translates to just P30 per cup.

Change your coffee, change your life.  Indeed a cup of Javita can change your life.  There’s zero fat content and low on the calories and the sugar.  With that mix comes a coffee that can help you burn fats while getting your regular dose of caffeine fix.  I’ve been trying it for about a month now and the most evident effect is that I don’t feel bloated even after meals.  I have a better metabolism and I was able to shed some pounds. I was also able to save on my coffee cost as I can now shy away from coffee shops because the Javita is a gourmet coffee and it also taste just as good or even better.   It’s like having a freshly roasted coffee with the convenience of having a sachet.  Javita has both variants for burn and control for weight watchers and another blend for those people on the go who need energy and sharpness of mind in the work place. It also goes well in both hot and cold variant.

Javita Tea

The first variant of Javita that I was able to try was their tea.  It’s even a faster weight-loss product as it really helps improve the digestive system.  It goes so well whether you love your tea hot or cold.  The best part about having tea regularly was the feeling light due to its no-fat and burn component.  To me, that’s a big additive to losing weight since you are more mobile and have a better metabolism.  It has the same price point as the coffee and would also be a good habit to keep especially if you prefer tea over coffee.

Javita Active Blendz

Active Blendz is Javita with a fruity twist.  It has the lightly sweet fruity flavor packed in their drinks.  Where the tea and coffee are part of your daily routine, active blends is the one that helps power your workouts. Rush can be a great pre workout drink to give you the energy for the routine. Flex helps strengthen your joints for added mobility. Fiber helps improve your digestive tract.  Defend is for improved immune system. Control is for that added fat burning component to make you fit and sexy.  It’s a win-win. You get a really tasty drink and you get all the benefits to your body and to your overall health.

Javita Focus Fusion Cocoa

Of course, there’s that part of our taste buds that’s craving for that luscious chocolatey taste.  Javita has their Focus Fusion Cocoa that brings you the same healthy benefits in the rich chocolatey goodness. Chocolate has also been known to be good for our body in manageable quantities. That’s one good things of Javita, they have all the healthy products that caters to different taste buds. Cocoa can be good on its own or you can pair it with Javita Coffee.

How To Order Javita

You can order Javita online.  I ordered mine online and after filling out the form, I had my order delivered to me after two days.  I actually took it one step further by getting the STAR Gold Pack, which also comes with a dedicated website for me.

People can order and also join Javita through my site: http://myjavita.com/franxcafe .

At least, that ticks off one of my bucket list of having my own coffee shop, even if it’s just online.  The good part about Javita is not only their product, you also get the chance to earn by getting people to order or join Javita.  There’s a big room for growth when it comes to Javita and you can be part of the growth too.  In a nutshell, Javita can help you in so many ways. It can help you in your weight-loss goal. It can help you be fit and healthy and it can also help you source additional income.

You can also help change lives, one cup at a time.

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