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Gatorade Introduces the White Lightning Flavor

Posted by on 26. October 2015

There are two ingredients when aiming for your athletic goal. That’s hard work and proper hydration.  Gatorade has been fueling athletes to greatness for the past 50 years.  They are adding a fresh orange and grapefruit variant called the White lightning.  They are also introducing 4 fresh, promising and hard working athletes in Alyssa Valdez, Mika Reyes, Jeron Teng and Chris Banchero to their roster of ambassadors. #GWhiteLightning

Gatorade White Lightning

Check out the fresh new flavor of Gatorade in the White Lightning.

Gatorade has almost been synonymous to sports and that comes from a proven track record of fueling athletes over the past 50 years.  Whether you’re in a dizzying pace of basketball, preparing for your first marathon, trekking a mountain’s peak or going for an intense gym workout, Gatorade is your partner in hydration.  Being a passionate runner and multi-sport athlete for the past 5 years, I understand the value of proper hydration and electrolytes replenishment through sports drink like Gatorade.  You’ll need to replenish all those lost water and nutrients to keep your body performing at its peak.

New Variant, New Ambassadors

The good thing about Gatorade is that it comes in several variants, which you can choose from.  Different people would go for different flavors. I personally switch the flavors myself for variety.  The world’s favorite sports drink beefs up its roster with the launch of its newest variant – the orange and grapefruit-flavor based White Lightning.  What I like about White Lightning is that it has soft sweetness coming from the Orange and Grapefruit flavor.  It’s just the right amount of flavor without overpowering your taste buds with the same level of effectiveness like the other Gatorade Flavors.  Gatorade is also parading a powerhouse line up of ambassadors who got local athletes of this generation – UAAP volleyball superstars Alyssa Valdez from the Ateneo Lady Eagles, Mikas Reyes from the De La Salle Lady Spikers together with Basketball hotshots Chris Banchero of Alaska Aces and Jeron Teng of De La Salle Green Archers.

Pepsico Philippines Marketing Manager for Hydration Tony Atayde with Mika, Chris and Alyssa.

Coming from our 50th anniversary wherein we celebrated Gatorade’s legacy of fueling local and international sports’ greatest moments, we now want to focus on empowering a new breed of athletes and game changers. Alyssa, Mika, Chris and Jeron are top athletes who know the value of working hard to stay in peak form and understand that games aren’t won on the court but in the gym and practice venues. We’re excited to see them inspire more people to pursue active lifestyles and understand the value of proper hydration,” Pepsico Philippines Marketing Manager for Hydration Tony Atayde said. 

Team Alyssa

To have a better appreciation of hard work and Gatorade White Lightning, the media were grouped into three teams each coached by one of the Newest Gatorade Ambassadors.  I went to Team Alyssa and that’s the perfect team for me as I’m also an Atenean since my graduate degree is from Ateneo Graduate School of Business and I’m a big fan of Alyssa.  I’ll always remember her on how she powered a then-underdog Ateneo team with a thrice to win disadvantage to the UAAP Title in Season 76.  She’s also a good coach, motivator and friendly as a person.

With Volleyball Superstar Alyssa Valdez

The Challenge was to do 5 cross fit challenges that includes burpees, wall ball, ladders, kettle bells and rope swings handled by Cross fit 360.  Cross fit has really gaining momentum lately as they can really give you a quick and efficient workout in minutes.  The goal is to do as much repetition of each challenges in 30 seconds with the most number of accumulated team points winning.  We were the third team to do the challenges.  I started with the burpees since it’s the most physically challenging task in the routine.  I went ok with the wall ball. I struggled with the proper form in the ladder and the kettle bell though was able to do the routine.  I unleashed all my energy left in the rope swings. We ended up losing to Team Mika but it was fun and a great workout.

In the land of the Giants with Mika and Alyssa.

It was really fun being among the top Gatorade athletes.  You get a proper appreciation of working and training hard as well as being properly hydrated.  Gatorade White Lightning is a fresh new flavor that’s gonna keep you hydrated as you work your way to your fitness goals.

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