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Gala sa Galera

Posted by on 20. June 2009

I was able to visit Puero Galera twice.  First, it was an office outing but since the crowd was out of my age-range, I wasn’t able to have as much fun as I used to.  At this time, I was one of the youngest in the office and the rest was probably in their 40s.  I still was able to appreciate the little things though like the fine beautiful sunset and the beach.  The second time I came to Puerto Galera, I was with former office mates from SGV and this was one big adventure starting with an early morning trip from Manila to Batangas Port via Bus and then a Ferry Ride from the port to Puerto Galera.

The white sand beach and the marine life is a a-must-see attraction as we did our share of swimming, snorkeling and island-hopping.  It’s always a nice experience to be at sea exploring one island from another and taking a plunge and appreciating the marine life.  Since we’re having quite an adventurous streak, we visited two more falls which were far from the beach area. These were  Tamaraw Falls and Takurong Falls.  Tamaraw Falls is a lot simpler wherein you can see the falls along the road going to Takurong Falls.  It was a big waterfall coming from the mountain top and had an area where you can take a dip below the falls.  Takurong falls is a real challenge as it took a long tricycle ride and another 30-40 minutes via a Carabao ride before arriving at the foot going up the falls.  You then trek an uphill via several boulders of stone before reaching the falls.  I’ve lost count on how many times I almost slipped since as usual I’m just wearing slippers.  Of course, once you get to see the falls and get to swim in it.  The effort was well worth it.  Some of the best places you get to see are those you have to exert effort in visiting.  We were also able to recharge with a fresh dose of buko juice after the trek.

Puerto Galera is one of the easier fine beaches to reach as it’s just a ferry ride away from the port of Batangas. It’s an excellent place to visit with friends and family wherein you can enjoy the beach and nature.  Gala sa Galera is definitely a fun and scenic way to spend summer.

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