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Freezing in Shandong

Posted by on 20. June 2009

Like Seeing a Postcard

Shandong in China.  I was able to visit this place twice.  One was a just for meeting and the other a few days with our audit team and it was a bit different experience from staying in the other cities in China.  This part of China is a bit closer to Russia which explains the foggy white backdrop similar to what you see in the game Red Alert.  The other obvious feature with that amount of fog is that its freezing cold here.  I remember we had a 0 or -1 degrees Celsius temperature here.  It didn’t stop us from buying ice cream and eating it in the freezing cold weather.  You can’t do that often.

I didn’t came prepared for the cold weather so I just stacked several layers of cloths for some warmth.  We visited a park in Zibo City which was the partly modern part of the province.  You can see old Chinese structure which became more scenic with the foggy backdrop.  I even played checkers with one of the displays.  Then there’s the bridge which combined with its reflection in the water gives you a photo that’s meant for postcards depicting traditional China.  And would you believe even in the deepest city of China, there’s a Mc Donalds.  This was one of my habits going into foreign territory, I was able to eat at Mc Donalds in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Hangzhou, Shanghai and now Shandong.
M.Mc Donalds Tradition Leaves On.
It’s a different experience as the rest part of the story had as in the plant eating the same food, drinking the same Chinese beer everyday except for occasional  hot pot meals which was perfect for this kind of weather.  Just to make sure, this trip would be memorable we got stranded in the airport for 10 hours due to the foggy weather.  We were lost in translation and ended up being in a room which turned up to be for rent that we didn’t know we booked.  Another hotel bill, charge to the stingy pocket of experience.
Checkers Anyone? I think I’m Winning.

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