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Posted by on 5. October 2012

Whenever I see blogs celebrating their anniversary, I can’t help but realize that I don’t know what should be my anniversary date.  Blogs at this site are dated way back to 2003 but it was only last year that I decided to integrate my personal, travel and run website into a single account.  I may have  lost my niche but in exchange I was now able to come up with fresh content frequently.  I’d also want to think about it this way, that I’m a niche blogger when it comes to my ideas and my experiences which can come from my personal day-to-day activities to my runs and races to my travels.  It was exactly a year ago when I welcomed everyone to this site.  Hello!!!  With this I can say turns 1.


Stats via StatCounter

Growing Readership – by Jetstat

That’s 68,000++ page views after and a growing readership with September having 9,100++ unique visits.  That’s a far cry from the select few people who have read my old blogs over the past few years.  If I remember right my old blog had just around 9,500 hits from 2004-2011.  It gives me much pleasure to know that merging it into a single account was such a great move.

It’s been really such a journey and, My Thoughts, My Travels, My Runs has added a new dimension in My Team and My Stories.

Here’s an overview of the various pages on

My Thoughts

This is my catch-all blog and can range from any topic under the sun and even beyond it.  This is my personal blog and documentation of the activities I get to do day-to-day.

My Travels

This are the stories of my travel over the years and current features.  I’m actually adding more details to the original posts I made in my previous travel blog to make more informative.

My Runs

This is were I posts all my races and my personal records which comes in detailed blow by blow account of the race.  This is also my journey from a non-runner to a newbie to a passionate runner and to a duathlete.

My Team

This is a subsection of my blog that summarizes the posts related to the races, the trainings and the features for my running and multisport team, Team Total Fitness.

My Stories

This is another subsection of my blog that summarizes posts related to tall tales about ZXIOXZ, the bungling aliens attempt to conquer Earth and the Factual Fiction, in the form of the story of the Nowhere Kingdom.


I am extremely grateful for all those who visited my site and warmly interacted through comments, likes, tweets, stumbles, +1s and those who read and appreciated the contents.  Be rest assured that with the support given, I am more determined to come up with quality content to share.  Stay tuned!!!

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