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Posted by on 19. July 2011

“The Mathematics of life is simple no matter how many fractions you divide your time it all boils down to 1… one life”

I’ve managed to split my time into several fractions. A fraction spent at work… a significant fraction spent training and running… another fraction spent traveling for work and play…  a fraction spent reviving my career as a writer… and those time I make to be with people close to me.  Somehow, this mix works for me.  It does create a meaningful balance.  I don’t get to be pissed of at work that much as it is just a fraction of what I do. In a weird way, I function better when I’m pressed for time and have to balance a myriad of to dos.  Of course, I’ll have to alter the mix anew when the situations are different.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not to say you shouldn’t focus your efforts on a single goal but this just means learn to see the bigger picture.  Don’t get stuck on roadblocks.  There will always be something more meaningful thing to do when you feel that you’d hit a plateau.  Life is a game of reactions. The sooner you react, the sooner you make the most out of the situation.  You have one life to spend and the fractions may vary but it’s how you maintain the balance that keeps you sane.

Training has been in full swing as of late.  I’m taking a shot at longer training runs. It has also been challenging trying to fit in the training with all the rain but it’s also interesting trying out new routes for my weekly long runs.  I don’t want to miss significant amount of time in training as I know first hand how it feels to struggle after taking it easy for several weeks.  Complacency is always a momentum killer.  One of the reason I’m so fond of running is that it mirrors life in so many ways.  Sometimes you struggle but when you persevere, you get a better shot at your goals.

Speaking of life goals, I’m about to resume my writing career and would have an article published in a travel mag soon. I’m thinking of my next piece already but since I’m taking a lighter travel load, it might take time. but the adventurer in me will always be there on the look out for new adventures.  I don’t earn a cent here but I’m earning a lot of goodwill and personal satisfaction.  Not all everything you do has a price and those priceless acts you do are those that give you the most satisfaction.

With too much to happening by the moment, I almost forgot that I am now in the heat of a mid-year rush and in just a few winks it will be board meeting once again.  That makes things more challenging and that’s where I’m at my best.  I guess that’s how things should be viewed… Mark your goals, acknowledge your responsibilities and just go with it until it gets done. When you take ownership of what you do, you will always find a way to get things done even if the odds seem improbable.

I get the feeling that good vibes hasn’t been on my side this week as I missed my coding cutoff yesterday and today I got my eyes irritated by my contact lens and missed my training.  Even before that there are some few down moments.  I’m resilient. I’ll just keep coming back until the tide has turned.  Time to toughen up.  We create our luck by trying the hardest.  No retreat. No giving up. No excuses.

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