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Flashbacks Overload

Posted by on 18. July 2010

I’ve been haunted by some sweet thoughts that I shouldn’t remember by this time. Maybe it’s triggered by being so close to a familiar place. How can some memories carved in so short a span of time still linger so long??? I guess there are still some words unspoken, thoughts unheard and doors to be closed or maybe a case of selective amnesia. I’m still bidding my time and space and will just hope that all would be well and fine in due time.

It’s been a rough week coupled by a powerless day after the storm. It makes me believe that we are so dependent on the wonders of electricity. Funny how it felt being outdoors is much cooler than enduring the warm temperature indoors. I’m just glad that the storm is over and we had power shortly. This just goes to the normal course of things in our board meeting preparations as every time we are doing our preparations something happens.

I’ve also spent some time being a villain in the story for a change. Not the villain who does the bad deed but the one that goes against the popular choices. I’m not one to make obvious choices anyway and this time I felt that the structure was definitely wrong and had just to throw a wrench to stop it. You’ll never make everybody happy, even if you try to because everybody would want something different and the best thing to do is just balance it.

From a villainous shift to an enlightened turn with a nice dinner conversation with our batch only priest, Fr. John. I’m still amazed how his choice of being a priest had him ended up exploring a huge chunk of the world and how much language he has already mastered. He was always good with words that’s why I’d rather not proofread his pieces during our school paper days… Nose bleed. Somehow, I realized I’m in the exact place I should be and that I’m happy in so many ways though of course there’ll always be something we want more… but I’d leave that as something I’d aspire for…

 And one last thing, I did leave this threat… hehe… If I am unmarried by 40, I’ll consider priesthood… Just kidding, I’m sure I’m not welcome in the profession. I’ll just do my good deeds outside that circle… =>

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