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Findr Is the Latest Portal to the Social Scene

Posted by on 26. October 2016

There’s so much clutter in Social Media that it’s just so refreshing seeing a new portal for the Social Scene.  Findr not only connects you to people virtually but helps you meet face to face with activities, chat and event features.  Findr App is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play.


At the Findr App Launch in the Eye of Green Sun

When it comes to the social media scene, there is already so much clutter that it loses its effectiveness at connecting people.  Sometimes, it gets tiring to be overloaded by current events, opinions and issues that we forget that it’s suppose to be a tool to connect people.  Findr fuses some features of Google+, Facebook, and Foursquare with Findr’s platform, being on top of your social life becomes possible with just a few clicks!

Findr’s main goal is for people to interact face to face rather than just meeting online—taking people from the hyper-stimulated online world, and reconnecting them to the real world with people of the same collective interest.  Technology has made it too convenient for people to talk but not to meet.  Sometimes, we need that personal conversations, the warmth of people’s presence and the connection of face to face interaction.  Findr is not your ordinary social media platform as it’s also a tool to promote events and deals that can really reinvigorate a group.

Check out the hippest events happening around you or create one for  your group of friends.  Findr is the fastest way to connect. You can see friend’s events, those near you or even check out what’s trending.  It helps locate events and lets you in the loop to friends events too.

You can check out all the deals available near you.  You get to see all the sale items, the discounts and the special deals offered by different establishment. It’s easier to get the most of the offers and promotion with Findr.

How to Join Findr

It’s so easy to get started.

  1. Download the Findr powered by Safesat on Apple App Store or on Google Play.
  2. Simply log in through your Facebook or Google+ account, and you are now part of Findr.
  3. Once you have your account,
    • You can invite your contacts; accept group or contact invites; start creating groups; and plan activities.
    • You can start posting events, chatting, and interacting with the people in your network.
    • You can also post and search for good deals and promotions.

Findr is now your tool for finding and promoting your events.  Whether you’re planning a garage sale, a food crawl, a fashion show, or an art event, you can easily post the details and let your contacts know about it. Your contacts can then instantly let you know whether they’re going to the event, or they are on their way, or already at the venue. You can even track where they are at the moment!

For safety purposes, in order to join a group, Findr, requires you to input the group CODE.

An additional feature of Findr is being to post or search for good deals. Are you looking for the ongoing sales in your area? Simply login to Findr to find out!

This free application is user friendly with the platform being able to cater to all who want to socialize and know the latest events and happenings around them—and even around the world.

The Findr Launch

Findr had its launch at the Eye of Green Sun in Pasong Tamo extension last October 26, 2016. Aside from showcasing the features of Findr, we got a display of the capabilities of Findr via a modern scavenger hunt ala Pokemon Go with the Findr AR App.  We were tasked to look for several items including the Findr logo around a virtual map using the app.  It was fast paced. It was fun. It was amazing seeing the unlimited possibilities with the App.  Now you get to have events, deals, chats and groups and there’s a really large room to grow for Findr as more people get the app and build their respective network.

Thanks for the invite Rochelle.

I’m quite excited with the app and start building my network.  Though it’s a social app, you still get some sense of privacy and intimacy with the group features.  I guess it’s time to welcome a new player in the social scene in Findr.

The people behind Findr

Findr is the first consumer application developed by Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation, a Philippine-based company with offices in Iloilo, Ortigas, and Singapore. The company offers Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking and Monitoring solutions for all public and private transportation services as well as asset management for businesses engaged in the hauling, distribution, sales and marketing, and mapping revolution. They aim to deliver these effective solutions at an affordable cost.

The company has been developing the application SafeSat GPS Integrated Systems (SafeSat) with most of their clients in the logistics and distribution businesses. SafeSat is composed of a fleet and personnel monitoring system, an inventory and warehousing system, a POS System, a fleet booking and dispatching system, and a parking system. Currently, they have more things being developed in the pipeline.

The company is led by Salvador Silva, Jr. III, MBA (Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer), Prof. Enrique Soriano III, MBA (Vice Chairman and Lead Strategist), Dr. Bobby Gerardo (Technical Consultant), and Prof. Alfredo Tayo III, CPA, MDM, CESE (Strategic and Financial Adviser) with a technical team, directed by Co-Founder and Technical Manager Angelo Kaufmann, focused on the overall development of Findr.

Expand your universe with Findr. Let the socializing begin!

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