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Posted by on 30. January 2011

Second trip to Taipei and this year isn’t even a month old. Oh well, I’m trying to be a good person this year so I won’t let my hard headed ways get in the way of these surprise trips. You just have to make do with what life throws at you. On the bright side, it did give us a big leap in this year’s closing cycle. Finishing touches next week.

Running training is really something I never expected that would yield such wonderful results given my mild-mannered ways. A few months ago, I just took the leap and entered a program and now I’m close to my sub-60 goal, finished a 15K run at a decent pace and has been nearing my ideal weight. Even if there has been some nagging injuries as of late, I’ll be extending my training for another 3 months. I always thought that there are some limitations at what I can do in terms of physical activities but I’m being surprised by the day. It’s a difficult path I choose but I love the active lifestyle.

Had to chance to run at Taipei Botanical Garden to do my weekend run. It was a slow 5K but a damn challenging one. Shifting terrains, cold weather, three-layers heavy of clothes and low gps signal because of the cloudy athmosphere. I felt my GPS watch was still translating the street signs that it felt like I’m being timed slower. It was a cool experience and appreciate the lake-side view and being able to even past the walkway in the middle of the lake as part of the run. It’s good to survive the cold weather as I’m no longer built for the cold weather.

I wonder how long I can pursue this fast-paced lifestyle. Being here, there and everywhere but I’d like to see it more as a challenge. I want to do well at work and at the same time be able to do the run training and when there is more time go back to travel and even boxing. Being busy must be a nice therapy as it gives you whine about life’s complication. This is how I choose to be – having a difficult time making all ends meet yet still having the time of my life. Work hard and play hard at its finest.

I’d be glad to be in the Manila heat shortly. I have to get back for race preps as it would be another major race next week. It will be an easier time at work with less distractions as some powers that be would be enjoying their Chinese New Year and I’ll be enjoying some peace and a chance to finish of the yearend issues and then I’ll be ready for finer times once again and a chance to plot out the next course of action.

I always want to think about the next step to take as soon as the smokes of battle clears out. It would be easier to move on when everything is all settled. No need to look back and say what if. Once I get to my comfort zone, it would be a better time to take the leap of fate. There would be a time for that but as of now, my time of living life in the has and busy lane has been extended.

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