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Disco Duathlon

Posted by on 19. July 2012

Disco Fever

Disco was genre of upbeat dance music that gained relevance in the mid 70s and lasted ’til the early 90s.  Disco was synonymous to party, dancing and a whole lot of fun.  People would pack disco houses dancing to upbeat music under the flashing lights generated with the help of a disco ball in those hip and trendy clothes. Disco was the theme of the second staging of DISCOver Duathlon which was held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall handled by Coach Andy Leuterio.

My attempt at the disco-look.   Matching Orange Bike Courtesy of Specialized Philippines.

DISCO Duathlon

I’m not probably be an expert at Disco nor would I be an expert in Duathlon so its good that there are sessions like this to relive the disco era and at the same time to introduce duathlons.  Duathlons is a combination of running and biking in wherein you transition from one discipline to another and has been a growing sport along with triathlon.  I’ve completed two duathlons and I’m still a work in progress but I’m starting to love the sport and have been piling up training mileage for duathlons.  This one is a new twist in doing duathlons with the upbeat disco music being the rhythm at which you do your cadence.  Team Total Fitness came in fully prepared with the disco 80’s look for this one.

Best in Costume Winners Daisy (in Black) and Joan (In White)

Bike – Run – Bike and a whole lot of it.

Thanks to Specialized Philippines for lending us their awesome bikes

This had the familiar sufferfest cyclying videos with a disco mix with Coach Andy guiding the exercise. Here’s the drill we start of with the bike with a few minutes of warm up and move on to 6 minutes at higher intensity cycling with a few seconds attacks in between. We then transition to run from the music hall to the IMAX Area and back to our saddle for another few minutes of intense cycling and we do this cycle more for several times in an hour and finishing with a sprint to the finish.  Oh I forgot to mention, since we were watching the sufferfest videos we were not really in Mall of Asia’s Music Hall.  We were actually in the different scenic terrains all over the world while cycling.  So that must be the reason why after the hour of DISCO Duathlon, we were really tired and running on an empty tank.  That’s what I call an efficient workout.

Fitness First provided the spinner bikes for participants

And the Party Goes On

Team Total Fitness with Coach Andy Leuterio

After a grueling duathlon session, the fun is just beginning as there was some raffles and some games for prizes.  Joan and Daisy won the best in costume and was able to take in several other prices in the raffle. James won a phone arm band from Newton.  This was actually a no-lose event as everybody got to take home a loot bag which had a Blue Newton Singlet,  Runnr socks and Total Fitness and Speed Magazine.  And yes, I did won a major price after being able to bring my bike (I was only one who brought my own bike… =>) in a bring me game and the grand prize, a Smith Optic shades with 2 extra lenses. And with that we can call it a successful event.

Lucky Francky with the grand prize

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Excess Thoughts: If you’re wondering why there’s a bandage on my right knee in some of my shots, it was from my first fall while biking last weekend.  It’s all part of the fun and learning.

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