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Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere

Posted by on 10. August 2012

Deranged Defies Nowhere is a factual fiction developed in my college years and is a sequel of A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom and Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom.

First Part: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

Second Part: Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom

There was an unwritten rule in Nowhere – Nowhere Land that remained unbroken for several generations now. “Though shall not speak the unspoken truth.” Nobody was allowed to speak harsh words against the king of Nowhere Kingdom, Nowhere Man. A rule that nobody even dared to think of breaking even if the law has no logical basis.

Until… Deranged (?), the confused one said what no subject would dare say. He told the unspoken truth. Not really because he was against the king but because he is puzzled with so many things. Super Fallusion, being the Nowhere hero that he is, was the first to report such infraction. Deranged (?) was happy… no was sad… no was scared… no was jubilant… He really doesn’t know what fate that awaits him.

Nowhere Man immediately called for an investigation. Super Fallusion was the head of the body. He acquired the services of the 5 lost men. After mocking a trial, Deranged (?) was proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. He was banned from entering the premises of the kingdom and was asked to go to the deepest part of Nowhere – Nowhere Land. It is a place where even a glimmer of hope of returning to reality is naturally impossible.

The confused one was flustered. He tried to ask the support of his dominion. Being as confused as he was, the people of Nowhere – Nowhere Land started to stand beside Deranges (?) and against Nowhere Man and his top henchman, Super Fallusion. They tried to show that they were against the rule with no basis but the truth was they really don’t know what they were fighting for.

Nowhere – Nowhere land was a place for instability for several generations because of the protest. Super Fallusion tried to mediate and as always, he failed to stop both sides of the conflict. Each side was concealing the truth… Each side was trying to destroy the other… Each side wanted to outwit the other…

Nowhere Man stood firm on his decision. He has left his human side in reality. The king’s fallacious side was just plain wicked. Super Fallusion was nowhere to be found. But according to reliable source he was nursing another failure and another broken dream. Deranged (?) was looking for the fountain of youth. Why? He doesn’t have a tinge of idea why.

The rift was blown out of proportion. The Nowhere Kingdom is hanging on tumultuous grounds. Yet, somehow there’s still a chance that the conflict will be settled. Then what is the moral of the story? None!!!! There can never be a moral when a mistake is supported by another mistake… When two clashing parties both refuse to compromise… When the truth is concealed to show that they are not wrong… Where people support a battle they don’t really believe in… When wrong means are patronize to prove a point. Nowhere Kingdom is not only governed by fallacy, broken dreams and illusion. It is also a place of chaos, broken promises and false declarations. Would you want to visit the Nowhere Kingdom? You’re very much welcome!!!

Fourth Part: Super Fallusion Sees the Light

Fifth Part:  Morose Enters The Nowhere Kingdom

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