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Dark Side

Posted by on 11. February 2012

One of the first few reasons I started this blog years ago was to blow off some steam.  I don’t throw out a rage nor shout at the top of my voice or do something crazy (or maybe sometimes) when I get in tough spots.  I just try to endure and hold on until things are much better and so goes my blogs as an avenue of what I feel or what my thoughts are. I’m 99.9% of the time a positive person and that’s where all my motivations and drive is coming from.  Yet, there goes series of events that leads you the 0.01% not a positive person zone – The dark side.

I paint clear demarcation between right or wrong and just or unjust in a way that it bothers me completely if I’ve done something wrong or is wronged someway or the other.  I’m very patient and tolerant but that doesn’t mean I would tolerate anybody mistreating me.  I make it a point to air my side one way or the other to bring back peace within my system.  What’s bothering me now is that while I go on fighting for what is legally due, it does take much of you fighting an unending fight where others just let it pass.  That’s the thing about people who lack options, they just try to endure even if it already violates their own rights. When what you get does not compensate to what you give then it may be time to move forward.

I just hope it’s as simple as that as I’m stuck with endless number crunching two weeks before the board meeting and for the annual report.  I hate it that I’ve been built with a large dose of sense of ownership so I have to endure ’til all the work is done and from there I should set out my next career move.  On my case, I’ve never been short of work opportunities and the only thing lacking is focus to check on the alternatives but I’ll get there.  For now, I’ll endure and letting out all that lurks in the dark sides of my thoughts,

And I’m back to the positive side.  I need to get things done in the mean time and then it’ll be one crazy ride ahead.

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