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CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL

Posted by on 19. August 2016

  When it comes to CrossFit, the pioneer in that field is CrossFit MNL.  It’s been a home of elite athletes and through its new program, Run MNL, they expect runners and athletes to run stronger and faster every mile.

Cross Fit MNL

CrossFit MNL (CFMNL), the pioneer in bringing CrossFit in the Philippines, has proven to be the school of elite fitness.  CFMNL is a composed of a group of passionate athletes from different backgrounds were bored with gym or their usual training routine. These folks wanted to get the best results from a demanding, varied and fun workout.
The journey began in 2011, when one member came across CrossFit in the USA and immediately fell in
love and got addicted to the sport. Spreading the gospel about CrossFit to athletes coming from various
disciplines, they formed CrossFit MNL knowing the benefits of the program and the need for a new sport
in the Philippines.

CrossFit is a fitness program for everyone. It uses exercises from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track
and field, kettlebell training and other sports. It’s a quick workout designed to fit the fast lifestyle that’s common to everyone these days.  Most workouts resemble circuit training and are finished in less than 30 minutes.

CFMNL has encouraged men and women of different fitness levels to try CrossFit in the country since 2011. CFMNL has also offered different programs aside from CrossFit like Bootcamp, FitKids MNL, Strongman and Striking MNL. CFMNL is bringing yet again, an innovation in fitness.

Introducing Run MNL

They are introducing and are inviting you to join Run MNL, a CFMNL program that will make every mile to be stronger and faster

The growth of running has been phenomenal for the past few years and has still remained to be a popular lifestyle.  While running is considered a solitary sport, running with a group feels better and easier. Run MNL aims to make running a daily habit; to push the runner in every individual; to develop serious runners/specialists; and to make every mile you covered stronger.

Run MNL is open to all individuals and enthusiasts. Even for those who would just aim to lose those
excess pounds to enjoy their lives longer and healthier. Run MNL is offered primarily in selected CFMNL
boxes (i.e., Eastwood, Kapitolyo, San Juan).

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Run MNL is a program specifically designed for running. As this is aimed to develop specialists, there will
be series of agility drills, speed trials, intense cardio training/HIIT complemented by strengthening and
conditioning skills. Run MNL conducts Community Run during weekends in selected areas where
anyone can join regardless of their fitness level.

Runners and enthusiasts can register at this link.

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