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Conquer Philippines 2013

Posted by on 6. May 2013

I had to crawl for this dog tag.

Distance: 6 Kilometers (Actual 6.5 Kilometers)
Date: May 5, 2013

Read About: Incoming: Conquer Philippines 2013

“Obstacles are meant to be conquered!!! Conquer Philippines 2013 deviated from the usually run as fast as you can format but incorporated some obstacle that challenged participants physically and mentally.  Run, Think, Climb and Crawl and Finish.  Conquest is much sweeter with obstacles to challenge the mind and the body.”

First Run in two weeks – Photo by Jose Ramirez of Manghusi Photoshop

Conquer Philippines 2013

Running Conquer Philippines was a last minute decision as I’m on a mini hiatus from running after doing 22K in TNF 100 just to rest the muscles a bit and prioritize some work load.  Since I was about to start my build up for future long distance runs, it was also a welcome opportunity to run once again.  Conquer Philippines is like no other race with obstacles inserted in between the course to challenge the participants physically and yes even mentally.  I went for a shorter distance of 6 kilometers to just enjoy the course and the challenges.  It’s also nice to see familiar faces again in the running community.

Race Course and Elevation

The course is very simple starting in 34th street and takes the full length of 8th Avenue going to Kalayaan Avenue where the first obstacle is located.  The race proceeds to 32nd Street and 38th Street heading to Triangle Drive.  The race returns to 38th Street and passes through the International School Area where the 2nd Obstacle is located at the u-turn slot before heading back to 38th Street again and 32nd Street.  Finally you turn left at 9th Avenue and proceed to Lane S for the final obstacle.  The race course is relatively flat but there are a few climbs and descents which can help in pacing during the race.

The Race

Let’s Go!!! – Photo by Photo-Ops

It was nice seeing fellow runners at the starting line again and since I was at the event early, I was able to catch up with some of my runner friends and do the warm ups headed by Run for Change before Gun Start.  While I had an idea what the obstacles are, I didn’t know which one would fall under the 6K category so this is gonna be a race and see for me.  The mood was relaxed and I felt comfortable at the start for one reason, I had  no time goals for this one as this would be my first run in weeks.  At gun start, I started strong before stopping to queue for the first obstacle.

Side Way Wall Climb

Climbing Side Ways – Photo by Rodel Montejo for

The side way wall climb was a modified version of wall climbing as instead of climbing up, you had to move sideways.  It was not easy but I did mine by using the lower steps and taking bigger steps so I don’ have to twist my legs in shifting sideways.   Glad I was able to try wall climbing before so knew a little bit of the basic in climbing.

Back in the Run Part by Vertical Finisher

I was then back on the road and since there was a queue time for the first obstacle, I was refreshed and wanted to catch up for lost time by running faster.  I figured if the obstacles would be spaced apart, I would have a chance to recover if there are any queues and so goes my next four kilometers but I took advantage on the declines and slowed down a bit on the inclines and rested on the water stations.  I was just glad that I was able to maintain a good pace for the duration of the race considering my hiatus from running.  By the 5th Kilometer at the u-turn slot was the next obstacle, it was to do lunges which was about 5-7 steps worth of lunges.  Lunges are always tough as it does highlight some of the pains in the joints after several kilometers of running.  After the lunges, it was a kilometer and a half before the final obstacle

150 meter Mud Crawl

Crawling to the Finish Line – Photo by Photo Ops

I know what awaits me at the finish line is 150 meters worth of mud crawl.  I actually had a dilemma on what shoes to wear as I don’t want my race shoes to be covered in mud so I had to settle for a lightweight trail shoes, which should be easier to clean after going through the mud.  There was part of the trail was soft but muddy and there was a part that was less muddy but was full of small rocks.  I took the part with the small rocks and tried to crawl as fast as possible because it would be more painful exposing the knees longer to the rocks.  I was able to overtake some of the runners here knowing the fastest way to get rid of the pricking pain of the ground is to cross the finish line.  The last part had a fish net wish just meant you had to crawl lower and finally, the finish.  This is the world record for the longest mud crawl and probably the only race that had you crawling to the finish line.

Finally, the finish line. Photo by Rodel Montejo for Pinoyfitness

I enjoyed this run as I was able to come in at a good pace and it’s nice to be back on my feet running.  It’s always a great feeling crossing the finish line even if this one had me crawling towards it.  It would be exciting also being a part of the 12K category as one of their tougher obstacle was putting thread in the hole of a needle aside from the physically challenging ones.  Congratulations to Without Limits, Proactive and Optimum Nutrition for another successful run and I’m also glad to be a part, along with the rest of the runners, of Team Optimum Nutrition.

All cleaned up with some friends in the running community – Photo by Pinoy Fitness

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