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Come See Tamshui

Posted by on 24. March 2007

From the southwestern part of Taipei, we go full swing to the opposite part which is the north east part of Taipei via MRT, Tamshui. I’ve always love Tamshui since its serene view of the shoreline provide a bit of mysticism and tranquility. Tamshui is a seaside town in Taipei County and is popular for its sunset view and its fishing port.
From Tamshui, we took a speed boat (it was really fisherman’s wharf which has a nice viewing deck and the lover’s bridge of Tamshui. The round trip ride from Tamshui wharf to Fisherman’s wharf cost NTD 100 (around P150) and it’s really reasonable. The seaside view from Fisherman’s wharf and Tamshui is really a sight to behold and it was nice watching the sun set and just taking a walk around the vicinity. Tamshui has a lot of shops for food, souvenirs, novelty items and games.
Since we’ve past the time awaiting nightfall we decided to have a round of coffee at Starbucks overlooking the sea and as we enjoyed the view, little did we now that the rain was about to come and it has been a long dash to the MRT and we ended up wet from the rainfall. It was a good thing that most of the stalls had shades which we were able to use going back to avoid getting soaking wet… and as the rain went so did this visit in Tamshui.

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