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Color Manila Nite Run 2014

Posted by on 27. February 2014

Just a colorful 3K Run this time.

The night and the bright lights combines perfectly to create a party atmosphere and add running and glow sticks into the equation then you have a really fun-filled night worth every stride in your run and your party moves in the post race celebration.”

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I’m a big fan of Color Manila Run with the powder display and the fun-all-you-want atmosphere.  Color Manila Nite Run brings in the same non-competitive and fun atmosphere with the face paint and glow sticks bringing in the colorful treat this time.  This was one week after my first full marathon and I promised myself that I won’t be running for a month but Color Manila Nite Run was just so hard to resist.  Filinvest was a fresh route for me. I opted to go for just a token distance of 3K and just enjoy the run.  After doing a full marathon, it would be really nice to just go out there without time pressure and just run.

Race Route

Race Route is Powered by Suunto Movescount

Race starts at N. Bridgeway and goes on to Corporate Avenue and Parkway Street,  The race shifts to Spectrum Road for the 3 Kilometer u-turn slot and goes back to Corporate Avenue and Bridgeway for the finish.  The course is relatively hilly with several inclines and descents along Corporate Avenue and Parkway St.

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The Race

 Ready to Run

I was in Filinvest really early for the run as I don’t want to deal with parking issues and also to meet some friends in the area.  As night swallowed the day, you can see all the participants with glow sticks, glow glasses and face paints become more prominent.  Music kept the runners entertained before the stat of the run.  The place was really packed with participants and there were still a lot of registrants hours before the race who wanted to join in the fun.  The place even gets more festive as gun start draws near.  There was dynamic warm up stretches led by Philippine Volcanoes’ Chris Everingham, a Marching Band, an Intimate prayer, flag ceremony and a venue filled with excited runners about to embark on a colorful run experience.

I’m Glowing in the Dark Too.

For the 3K Runners, our gunstart was 8:45 pm after both 10K and 5K have been unleashed.  I keep reminding myself to just go at an easy pace.  And when we finally were unleashed, I went below 6 minute per kilometer pace for the first kilometer before seeing the large flock of 5 kilometer runners at Spectrum.  This was a reminder for me to slow down and went ahead to walk with the pack as there was really no room to run.  This  lasted for over a kilometer at this pace covering the u-turn slot at Spectrum.  At the intersection of Spectrum and Parkway, 3K runners went left while 5K runners went right and this just means one thing. It’s time to speed up and went back to sub 6 minutes per kilometer on the way for a strong finish at around 20 minutes.  In other days, this would just be my warm up but this would do as I’m on a run hiatus.

It’s time to glow in the night’s of Filinvest – Photo by Running Photographers

It’s really refreshing running at Filinvest as the area is less congested and much cleaner.  Filinvest is starting to make a name in the running scene with several events in the area already happening over the past few months.  This was a welcome change to this year’s Color Manila Nite run as the route is still fresh.

Finish Line so soon with fellow runner and blogger Jham.

The best part about running in 3K is you’ll be among the first few runners crossing the finish line.  Getting the finishers medal is a breeze and you’re the first in the post race festivities.  I did go against the plan to take it easy this run as except for the crowded area, I went at a fast pace and felt exhausted even at this distance. I did enjoy Color Manila Nite Run as you can feel everybody was out there to have fun.

OMZs (Jham, Anne and Me) at the Nite Run.

It was still early for the Color Nite Festival so we (Me, Jham and Anne) went to eat first at the nearby McDonalds.  After our meal, the festival was now in full effect as you can see everybody partying at the area and having a great time with nice music and free-spirited people.  It was time to call it a night for us but the party goes on and I do hope that we still get more of Color Manila Runs during the year.  For those based in Cebu, you might want to hear this news… Color Manila Run goes to Cebu on April 6, 2014.  Enjoy the Color Celebration.

Back to my running hiatus

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