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Changes are Brewing…

Posted by on 15. May 2010

Changes are brewing and I can’t help but be scared. Somehow, I know it could be a good thing but since I’ve been on this crossroad years back. I’m still torn on what steps to take. Perspective and priorities have changed and then out comes a totally different puzzle. I guess the slow down mode I’ve been pondering may have to take a back seat yet again. No matter how I try to slow down I always end up in a frenetic pace. Oh well, I’ll find ways to make my time more meaningful and balanced.

This begins in doing away with my messed up ways. We’ll regroup, reorganize and refocus. I still have few details on how things are gonna go but it would be less murky in days to come. One thing, I’m sure of is I do have a positive outlook that can surpass a changing environment. It’s how I get past pressure packed moments, the unending emotional roller coaster and the frequent mission impossible. We can always be a better person if we take in life lessons from everything that happens, good or bad.

A good part going my way is that I’m back into my happy phase enjoying company of friends and family and everything is starting to heat up (actually, the heat has scorched up) and is leaning toward the exciting. New challenges are starting to pop up and that’s one way of getting things going and my role is once again evolving so a lot to look forward to again but of course, I’d still want to maintain my work-life balance.

Changes will always come and I’d say, Just bring it… I’ll deal with it as it comes…

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