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Catch Me If You Can

Posted by on 6. April 2011

“Nature at its simplest form is purely photogenic.”

As the summer heat hits this part of the world, you can’t help but be tempted in booking trips in the several islands we have and the nearby countries we can visit.  This is gonna be my super summer… a chance to unwind and explore and see things in its simplest sense that life is indeed beautiful and the backdrop at its simplest form is purely photogenic.

At times, I’m stuck choosing between weekend alternatives just hoping why we can’t have 5 days of weekend and just 2 days of work instead.  I guess, it’s when I’m busy chasing trips, running laps and making everything work out fine is the time I feel I’m fully alive. I have rediscovered the part of myself that loves traveling and this early during the year I already had 3 stops in Taiwan, a weekend in Coron, a drive to Calatagan and I’m just heating up.

The next few months would be a game of catch me if you can… from a weekend in Tarlac and a run in Baguio (am still hoping to fit it in) to another out of town adventure with cousins to Holy Week in Bora to a week in Singapore to a weekend in HK and Macau and to Bellaroca and the weekends in between will be spent in the various runs and training I’d be having.  The kid in me has taken over in gleeful anticipation of all those escapades.  The hard times are over and the good times is now running in slow motion.

Those trips should have me back to my fiery nature as I’ve been numb lately.  I guess, I am more in a state of gaiety and I know at the end of the trip I should map out a new direction.  The vicious cycles that has continued to revolve are already unfathomable.  Fighting the wrong system takes so much time, energy and resources and a fresh start maybe needed and that is something I need to assess with a clear mind.

It’s just good to have many diversions as it always balances things out from things beyond your control to things within your control.  Above all the material rewards, there is no price higher than peace of mind and if people don’t give too much of damn in doing the right thing and it might be time to cease my silence and inaction.  Every action or inaction deserves an appropriate reaction so if I just play numb, it just means I have a grander plan brewing… and it’s gonna be served hot of the platter soon.

There’s another of life’s simple rule to remember, you can’t have it all… so might as well look forward to fun under the tropical sun.

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