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Bullet Pace Going South

Posted by on 14. November 2008

I’ve been to south of Taiwan today via High Speed Rail System taking just an hour and a half to cover such a great distance… I sure hope that there’ll be bullet train to Baguio too which would just take two hours (dream on)…
Anyway, tiring day with a tour around the warehouse though the process of the making the fabric is very similar… the product of this affiliate are cool designs for curtains… unlike the regular hospital and hospitality fabrics at our facility in the Philippines and Cambodia…
Had dinner with our CEO at Outback… Steak again… so much for my diet… and at least, some of cluttered apprehensions have now a bit of clarity… though it’ll still be a tough road ahead… Decided to walk back to hotel instead of taking a cab… Nice cool climate here in Taipei…
Happy to be back in Ph tom… =>

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