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Bora… At Last!!!

Posted by on 5. May 2009

This was a long wait… considering that I handled the audit of the Boracay project of my clients in my audit years… It was odd that it’s only now that I have set foot on the Island of Boracay…

So what can I say…
1) The powdery white sand and the long stretch of the beach makes it fascinating
2) I love ATV with the overlooking view of the island
3) Had a roller coaster ride with the waves during the island hoping
4) Beach side massage is so relaxing
5) There are so much variety of food and souvenirs
6) Nice to see droves of people having fun
7) Pacquiao rocked Bora
8) There are still some attractions I did leave out for my next visit
9) It’s a nice place to party
10) The runway at the airport is really short and ensures an exciting landing
11) Just had a glimmer of sunset with the weather
12) and of course, it’s always nice place to just chill

We did spend most of the time under gloomy weather but it still was fun… too bad the summer season is over with the rains… been to Bohol, Bicol and Bora this summer (Does hometown Baguio count in the B-series???)… I just hope to squeeze in some more getaway when the sun peaks again…

The flavor of my summer has shifted to a visit around Ph instead of my usual out of the country routine (ok still had Taiwan and SG in March and April) but I’m now happy to tick off some of the Ph attractions to visit… and of course, more to come… =>

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