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Behind the Scenes

Posted by on 8. December 2011

Behind the Scenes

I’ve so much respect for people who play behind the scene roles in the running and the multi sport arena.  Borne out of passion for the sport or their craft there are a lot of people who do wake up early on race day, bring in their own gear and cover races or throw in their support to the participants.  When you’re running or chasing PRs, you get to appreciate the well wishers whether it be race marshals, hydration and those who capture your priceless moment on the race course.

Powerade Duathlon

I love my time when I am running but I also appreciate the time when I’m part of the support group.  I had my first chance at support during the last leg of the powerade duathlon in Nuvali as part of Team Total Fitness.  It was also my attempt to further spur the desire to switch to duathlon and at the same time support the team.  First supporting role was to be a photographer covering both the run and bike leg.  Of course, I’m still a novice of photography though I’m lucky enough that my Sony Nex3 is smarter than me in taking shots so was able to take several good shots.  It was a different experience seeing how athletes compete and seeing how the multi sport community is such a close knit group.  Most important of all, I am now hell bent on buying a bike and joining the festivities.

PCL Immuvit

I was asked to tag along PCL Immuvit for the support group as most of Team Total Fitness Tri competed in a 100 km road race from Clark all the way to Dinalupihan via SCTEX and back to Clark.  Mascy was the designated driver of the support vehicle and me having a do-it-all role as photographer, hydration support for the cyclist and to provide timely update on Team Total Fitness Facebook Page powered by Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.  It was a lot more difficult taking photos of moving cyclists from a moving vehicle.  It was also nice to help the team in whatever capacity I can whether to provide hydration or just cheer them as they approach.  Well, a 100 Km road race is out of my immediate goals but who knows.


I also maintain my own blogsite covering my thoughts, my travels and my runs and now also team developments.  I really enjoy documenting my runs as a means to share the experience.  I usually use the first person perspective in my blogs to give more vivid description of the experience and hope that in reading my blogs people get to feel the fun in the sport and in the adventure.  While running is my current love, writing will always be my first love.  I’m also glad that I’m writing for two mags now.

For the love of it

It’s not easy being able to comply with so many roles but I always see it this way.  There are things you do to earn a living and there are things  you do that gives you a great deal of satisfaction. The most satisfying acts are those you do without expecting anything in return.  This is where what most of what I do fall, doing things for the love of it.  Whether I’m in full attack at a race or just doing things behind the scene, it doesn’t feel like a burden.  Of course, there are perks of the adventure like the thrill of conquering your old record or new terrains; catching the morning sunrise or evening sunset and just getting to meet people and then there’s the price of being fit and healthy and that to me is priceless.

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